There are a lot of things a writer must remember when writing. One must possess a craftsman’s skill because writing is a blue-collar job and writing in this kind of genre is not an exemption. Speaking of craftsmanship, it’s evident that Wayne Scott Harral‘s book Moon Luck is a perfect example.

Indeed, Mr. Harral is a paragon of a craftsman. The book is part space exploration, part mystery, but also part crime novel. The novel explores the impossibility of things and the inevitable nature of humans. We are reading from Harral, a book full of fantastic stuff written page by page, scenes that will blow your mind, and happenings that will keep you from doing anything aside from reading the book.

It is also a kind of book one must not take for granted because of its elegance and mysticism.

Imagination plays a significant role in winning readers’ attention which is a big factor in helping Moon Luck achieve its success. Good novels generate the reader’s attention and satisfy their need for excellent and pleasurable stories. Great books are hard to write. It takes blood and sweat to pour on every page of the manuscript. After the final manuscript, the author must constantly think and, most importantly, doesn’t even know if the book is finished or not because there is always room for revisions and editing.   One of the significant problems with published books nowadays is their outdated topics and cliché titles. Most of them don’t stimulate the reader’s attention.

By that fact, Mr. Harral made sure that his book would be different.

Also, one of the most significant mistakes writers often commit is the inconsistency of the plot or the “Plothole.” The epitome of a great writing technique is the mastery of the story. That requires heavy research about the projected place or event. A good writer must be adequately informed about the topic they are about to write. They are willing to find time to study the nature of the subject they wish to write. They are hardworking and dedicated to their craft, and they are ready to climb mountains and climb trees to achieve the necessary things for the art to prosper under their supervision. The author’s responsibility to his novel doesn’t end because the author will always be the father of the book. The success of Moon Luck towards its readers is the information and wit that the author laid down on every page.

Therefore, writers must know what they are writing.

Mr. Harral is a master storyteller. He made writing looks so easy through his elegant and witty proses. Most writers lack that kind of mastery. In the most straightforward way possible, Harral’s fundamental writing technique played a significant role in the book’s success. Readers don’t want daunting books and a pain in the ass because, after all, reading must be accessible and pleasurable. The reading task must go beyond the cerebral threshold that an ordinary book possesses. The mission of reading must let you go places you have never seen before—locations like the moon, planets, or even other universes and dimensions. One must possess the art of reading, but it requires a daunting process of writing and planning what to write.  Beyond that, Mr. Harral ensured that the deepness of catastrophic human life lay down through the reader’s eye.

We realize the Moon Luck’s success isn’t a stroke of luck but a careful writing and editing process. Mr. Harral’s creativity and mastery resulted in a great book that one cannot help but read in front of a hearth.

 Reading this one-of-a-kind book is an experience of a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of the book on Amazon and