These abilities are commonly called ESP or extrasensory perception. They are also known as psychic perception or psychic abilities. In books and movies, they are romanticized as the “sixth sense .” Whatever names these abilities are called, they are considered spiritual gifts. Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic, a spiritual book by Hedin Daubenspeck, the author talks about his encounters with the otherworldly. Hedin shares his psychic experience starting from his childhood and also shares the importance of communicating with the Spirit in looking for wisdom or guidance as people journey through life in their earthly existence. The author also touches on how people’s spiritual gifts are developed as they lean and trust their intuition more and more in the process of their spiritual journey. 

Benefits of Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts are the outcome of a higher sense of Spirituality. Spirituality is usually associated with religion, but the two are not precisely the same. A person can be spiritual without being overzealous in religion. Spiritual gifts can be manifested in a religious or a non-religious person. Some of these spiritual gifts, or psychic abilities, include an astral projection or out-of-body experience, telepathy, channeling, premonition or prediction, divination, etc. Either way, there are a lot of benefits to someone who possesses these kinds of gifts. 

Higher Sense of Perception

People who have spiritual gifts are more highly attuned to their senses and everything around them. It’s like having an antenna that can pick up clearly the signals coming from all channels. Their journey in their spiritual life makes them hone their gifts more through meditation and mindfulness practices. And because of this, they make very good empaths. Or, in regular life, very empathetic to other people. 

Higher Sense of Inner Peace

The more spiritual a person is, the more they are at peace with themselves. Developing and having spiritual gifts requires that people know themselves more and accept who and what they are. The only way to fine-tune their spiritual or psychic abilities is through meditation. Meditations entail a person accepting and developing their inherent nature and talents, accepting their strengths and weaknesses, accepting everything that has happened in their past, and trusting in their future. 

Higher Sense of Wisdom

People with spiritual gifts often communicate with their inner Spirit or with the spirit world. Through this communication, these people are endowed with the ability to “see” past the present and often look towards the future. When their Spirit is on a higher level, they develop a different perception or understanding of things. Hence, their outlook tends to be different. It is again through meditating that their “third-eye” is opened up, or their sixth sense is finely tuned. Not only do these people see beyond the present, their judgment is also sharpened. The Dalai Lama is an excellent example of a person with an enhanced sense of wisdom resulting from his spiritual gifts. 

Higher Sense of Self-Value

Self-value meant self-care. A person who possesses spiritual abilities has a higher sense of self-care, meaning caring for their overall well-being. Being able to commune with the Spirit or in the spiritual realm properly requires that the person’s body, mind, and emotional state be healthy. A sick person cannot be able to connect well with the spirit world. A person who is not in the right mindset or emotional state cannot achieve that higher sense of wisdom or inner peace. Self-care is essential if a person wishes to hone their spiritual gifts. Self-care doesn’t necessarily mean being vain. It is more of living a healthy lifestyle, eating the right kind of diet that protects and nourishes the body and mind, exercising to get rid of stress, meditating or praying to nourish the soul and any activities that boost and improve a person’s overall well-being. Having a good self-care routine leads to a higher sense of self-value. And if someone has a good self-value, they’re more secure with themselves, thus, improving and enhancing their inherent spiritual gifts.  


Spiritual gifts are called by many names, but at the end of the day, the significance and benefits of these gifts are the highlights for the people who possess them. As author Hedin Daubenspeck noted, once people embark on their spiritual development with open eyes and minds, life’s truths and realities slowly unfold, become more clear and more refined. Just like a lotus flower.

Read and learn more about Hedin Daubenspeck’s spiritual journey in Pony Ride to an Awakening: The Journey of a Mystic. Visit the author’s website at, or grab a copy of his book on Amazon.