We recommend these five heartwarming memoirs, from a couple’s journey against Alzheimer’s disease to a story of friendship amidst the war.

Going…Going…: The Abduction of the Mind by Jack Weaver

Going…Going…: The Abduction of the Mind is a memoir that features a couple’s journey against Alzheimer’s disease. The book documents their fifteen-year struggle with Janey’s dementia. Janey was Jack’s high school sweetheart before she became her wife of 45 years. Their deep bond through sickness and health is truly unique and remarkable. It’s a compelling book that will give you a glimpse of one of the most common diseases among adult Americans. The Abduction of the Mind is both a memoir and a guide for anyone whose loved ones are suffering. Jack Weaver’s book is a must-read memoir filled with emotions, lessons, and wisdom. You can purchase a copy via Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever by John “Chick” Donohue & J.T. Molloy

Sneak into Vietnam, track old buddies, and give them inspiring messages and a bag of alcohol sounds like a crazy idea, right? Well, John “Chick” Donohue did it in 1967, after he and his friends designed the course of the greatest beer run ever. Donohue is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran whose mission was simple- to deliver beer to his pals actively serving in Vietnam. What transpired a day after involved a series of misadventures, escapades, and terrifying close calls, including the famous Tet Offensive. The Greatest Beer Run Ever lives up to its title and is among the most remarkable war stories recently published.

Chasing Butterflies: The True Story of a Daughter of 9/11 by Ashley Bisman

Chasing Butterflies by Ashley Bisman is both a memoir and a love letter to her father, one of the many victims of the September 11 attacks. Jeff Goldflam worked on the 101st floor of Tower 1 during the attacks, and his body was never recovered. However, Ashley’s work does not focus simply on the loss of her father and the grief that haunts every World Trade Center victim. Instead, the book is a chronicle of her journey from a teen to a young woman finding herself in the city where she lost her father. From dating bloopers to cocktails and nights out that led her downtown, the very place she vowed never to go.

Strung Out: A Memoir of Overcoming Addiction by Erin Khar

Strung Out: A Memoir of Overcoming Addiction is the complete title of Erin Khar’s riveting yet completely honest memoirs about overcoming addiction. Khar shares how her once-perfect life became a living nightmare in this truly inspiring journey. It started with experimenting with her grandmother’s expired painkillers and then switching to heroin at age thirteen. For the next fifteen years, Khar was living a life of lucid dreams- full of lies, deceit, and regrets until something unexpected happened that turned his life around- she became a mother. Motherhood became the start of her journey to self-forgiveness, self-renewal, and a life of resilience.

This Is the Night Our House Will Catch Fire: A Memoir by Nick Flynn

We never truly understand our parents until we become parents ourselves. This Is the Night Our House Will Catch Fire is a story of how a child witnessed her mother set fire to their house and later commit suicide and how the traumatic childhood left a stigma on his personality. As an adult, the painful past threatened his own household, and Flynn knew that if he does not address his own demons, he might one day end up like his mom. Gripping and filled with raw honesty, This Is the Night Our House Will Catch Fire is absolutely a once-in-a-lifetime read.