Follow the light, but watch your step.

About the Book

Jocelyne Ranucci saved her own life. Fed up with abusive relationships and dead-end jobs, she set out to become the architect of her salvation. Through careful study and meditation, she realized that humans are all the creators of their destiny, that they can learn to love and accept themselves deeply, and that they can leave the destructive patterns of the past behind forever.

Her story is touching, her transformation profound. She discloses the most intimate details of her struggle with remarkable honesty, warmth, and wit and shows her readers how they can bridge the gap between spirituality and everyday life. She teaches them how to unleash the excellent healing power buried deep within them so that they, too, can alter their path, conquer their fears, and free their spirit. And allowing them to embrace the joys and serenity of the endless possibilities ahead.

How Ranucci Describes Her Path to Spiritual Discovery

Ranucci experienced a rough childhood starved of approval, love, and support; her mother was highly manipulative and critical and left her to fend for herself at sixteen. Though she remained deeply convinced of her value, the author realized that she was copying the damage she had endured in her adult relationships as a child. To overcome these negative patterns, Ranucci dedicated herself to her spiritual growth. From Childhood To Christhood book on spiritual journey and spiritual growth, Ranucci shares her journey, the divine resource and universal laws she discovered, and how she was able to reinvent her outlook on life. Ranucci describes how each human being is composed of several higher and lower bodies that interact and connect them to the divine consciousness.

Furthermore, humans are impacted by the karma created by the positive and negative ways people have used their divine energy throughout numerous lifetimes. Meditation is the crux of spiritual exploration, says the author. As part of this practice, she describes how readers can call upon the innumerable colored lights that constitute the divine white light to cleanse, protect, and enlighten. Many readers will be skeptical of the coincidences Ranucci claims to have experienced and find it difficult to believe, as she asserts, that one can quiet storms or effect other changes in the physical world through meditation and directing one’s spiritual energy. Others may be left wanting more of a step-by-step manual for seeking spiritual growth. But the author’s views, based on her study of various spiritual traditions, are riveting because they show how she has concretely improved her daily life, and Ranucci offers enough guidance for readers to begin their journeys.

From Childhood To Christhood: Online Site

The challenge was to create a specific site to match the book’s message. A website was needed to introduce the book to its readers and give them a glimpse of the content while introducing Jocelyne as a well-accomplished author.

Pulse engineers built the website like a simple-to-read and understood the book. The single-page concept with parallax graphics makes the site look unique and classy, just like the book. Learn more about Jocelyne’s book at

An Editorial Review

“How our inner power of love can be applied to everyday decisions is interestingly explained in depth. The author helps us, through illuminated words, to come into harmony within the divine light of Christhood. A very intimate account, including vital lessons for people about how the author discovered her inner power and created a positive and rewarding life.” — Recommended & Reviewed in “The Mindquest Review of Books” by Lightword Publishing

Author’s Bio

Jocelyne Ranucci is a successful businesswoman living in Sag Harbor, New York. It is her first book, and she is working on her second that will demonstrate to her readers how she has practiced the lessons she has learned into practical use in everyday life and how they can too.