ReadersMagnet Review features “nobody” IS “SOMEBODY” by Dr. Sandra C. Birchfield and her other published children’s books. 

Modern children’s books are not only entertaining, but they also introduce children to the real world and different people. Unlike classical children’s books which are mostly fantasy and adventures, most children’s illustrated books published during the last two or three decades focus on educating young minds. The book “nobody” IS “SOMEBODY” by Dr. Sandra C. Birchfield is among the many modern kids’ books that prepare children to learn the values, skills, and wisdom needed to live a successful and happy life. Life in itself is one great adventure, and the way to prepare kids for life is through kid literature that features real stories and real people.

“nobody” is “SOMEBODY”

Not everyone likes to go outside and socialize with people. Some prefer to stay indoors and alone most of the time. They thrive in solitude and having a small group of friends. We call this type of individuals’ introverts,’ and most of the time, people may find it challenging to get to know them. They are dismissed by society and are bullied because of their character traits. The book “nobody” is “SOMEBODY” is an inspiring story about how an introverted kid gains respect from his peers by joining and winning the Spelling Bee contest, showing them that introverts can be intelligent and brave as well.

Get Well Quick Hospital for the Sick

Many of us dread and fear hospitals. For many kids, hospital visits mean sickness, injury, and even death. Even adults fear the hospitals and the sight of doctors. The book Well Quick Hospital For The Sick is a heartwarming story about a girl who fears for her sick Grandmother, who needs to stay in the hospital. The girl soon discovers that the hospital is well-equipped and has all the good things to help his grandma get better. This well-illustrated book help instills in the minds of children that a hospital can be a happy and safe place.

Who Are Those People Back There?

While there have been many children’s books about African-American culture, history, and personalities, seldom do kid’s stories cover the Black History in the 1950s and 1960s. Who Are Those People Back There? is a unique children’s book not only because it is a first-hand account of someone who witnessed the racial discrimination of those times but also because it is seen through the eyes of a white person- Dr. Sandra Birchfield herself. The book is a great way to remind kids that prejudice is not cool and that we should respect everyone regardless of their ethnicity or skin color.

Goodness, Gracious, Grumbling is Contagious

Goodness, Gracious, Grumbling is Contagious is a modern-day fable. Although this is a departure from Dr. Sandra Birchfield’s other books, it features animal characters. The book offers a valuable lesson to young and old readers. The book follows the story of a family of opossums threatened by the grumbling bug. The alert for the grumbling bug becomes contagious, and opossums find it challenging to remain living in the tree. Like all fables, the story shares an important lesson- we can use our good voice and choose to be kind to keep grumbling away.

ReadersMagnet happily recommends Dr. Sandra Birchfield’s remarkable children’s illustrated books for young readers and everyone who loves modern kid’s literature.

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