Religion paints heaven as the ideal place, where everything falls in perfect harmony, and everyone lives in bliss. In comparison, hell symbolizes never-ending repentance and suffering – a place characterized by the dark abyss. Therefore, if people were asked where they wish to end up in the afterlife, the former is the instinctive response.

Yet, most of the time, people navigate the world, heedless of how to act to ensure they end up in their desired afterlife. In this RM Book Review, we will be going through material that may help us with this quest.

Living Life with Blinders On sufficiently breaks down the contents of the Bible so people can understand it better. Since there is an apparent disconnect between narratives reflected in the Bible and today, this book ideally bridges this disparity by providing mundane and modern contexts people can relate to better. It explains the word of God in a way that can be directly observed and comprehended. As the title reads Living Life with Blinders On details how people are unconsciously living blindly from God’s grace and aims to teach us how to live life in spirituality according to how God expects us to.

If religion has a rulebook, the perfect guide to worship and serve God, it would be this. The author, Julius Mosley, stated that he wrote this book to introduce God and His words to his readers in a compelling way. He added that he hopes his readers realize and learn more about God and what He did to save them.

Living Life with Blinders On includes three chapters devoted to answering common questions people ask concerning their self-discovery and spirituality.

  • Chapter One answers the question of Who we are. It discusses how men are triune beings, composed of the body, soul, and spirit.
  • Chapter Two tackles What we must know. This talks about the curses or sins we commit throughout our lives and how we can act following God’sGod’s word.
  • And Chapter Three details Where we obtain this information. This chapter explores how people should be spiritually minded to obtain peace.

These chapters weave into one material that manages to holistically discuss the perspectives people should have to live in line with the Bible and God’sGod’s words.

What I agreed and disagreed with

However, as the book is also filled with what I think is the author’s personal interpretation of the Bible, I do have specific agreements and disagreements with his statements.

For instance, there was a part in his second chapter where Mosley mentioned that the Bible said everything on Earth is owned by Satan.

In a way, I partly agree with this sentiment. However, it can be ambiguous, mainly how he delivered and explained it in this book. Personally, rather than Satan having full ownership of the human race or everything being his tools of temptation, I believe that not everything is necessarily all evil as this part may imply. I believe this means that our environment and society, in general, can be very influential and lead us to create prejudices against our religious beliefs. This then pulls us away from God’sGod’s grace, which will make us live with blinders on in Mosley’sMosley’s terms.

On the contrary, in Roman 1 verse 24, which mentions lusts of people’s hearts and worshipping of creatures more than the creator, Mosley referred to lovers or pets often treating humans better and calling it a distortion to our purpose in life – to serve and prioritize the creator.

While I respect the author’s interpretation, and I agree to a certain extent, I believe this is where the Bible can border unfavorableness. Its openness to personal interpretation can lead to instances of misinterpretations and misunderstandings. For instance, unlike what the author lists down: humans favoring pets over humans, homosexual relations, etc. I believe this verse refers more to narcissistic people – those who lust their own hearts unhealthily.

Living Life with Blinders On is the book for you

As someone who hasn’t read the Bible’sBible’s full content, this book perfectly summarized principal information and provided me with ample knowledge I needed from the Bible – without making it overwhelming with information and intimidating to read. With its association and more straightforward explanation of the Bible’sBible’s contents in, say, layman’s terms, I was able to understand and connect with the words of God and see life through His perspective better.

Personally, I would refer this book to people looking for materials that would help strengthen their faith and belief in God. Likewise, I believe this is also great for those feeling lost at the moment, to give them their needed clarity.

As Christians – or firm believers of any religion – we’re taught to follow and live according to our creator’s life. But in a world full of temptation, and the liberty to make our choices, this can become challenging to achieve. Since Living Life with Blinders On provides clear and specific explanations about Bible verses, making comprehension and obedience to its teachings easier. Hence, if you’re looking for a book that can bring you closer to God, Living Life with Blinders On will teach you how to take off what’s blocking you from seeing the power and love of your creator.