If readers are looking for books that expand their imagination, science fiction should be their first choice of literature. If readers are looking for a good read that makes them ponder and come up with innovative solutions, then science fiction should be the first thing they should grab. If readers are looking for engaging, fascinating, gripping novels, then a science fiction book should satisfy their tastes. Science fiction is the A-lister of the literary genre. Author Benoit Blanchard droves home this fact in his book series, Cyberbrain. This tech fiction book by Benoit Blanchard, Cyberbrain, is a spellbinding science fiction series that talks about an electronic device known as “cyber” that’s implanted on newborns in the United States as an effort to help reduce crime rates by influencing the thoughts and actions of those fitted with the “cyber.” This enthralling piece of literature is an excellent example of what makes science fiction the best choice for the genre of literature. 

What makes Science Fiction stand out?

Among the many artistic genres, what makes science fiction the best one for literature? Notwithstanding the fact that this genre relies heavily on science as a subject, any writer for this genre can go basically wild and imaginative since this is one genre that has a very broad coverage when it comes to plot and themes. Why? Simply because anything and everything under the sun has a touch of science to it.

From a simple sunflower on a field, a science fiction writer can turn that sunflower subject into something enormous and make it walk and talk like some robot. The sun in the sky can turn deadly and shoot its rays at whomever it chooses to reach. The birds in the sky can be some form of avian virus carrier and be a source of a global pandemic. And a whole lot more! See how creative anybody can get when it comes to writing science fiction.

Just what author Benoit Blanchard did in his book. Albeit can become a reality, who knew that such a small device like the cyber can be something that’s ominous and is a cause for worry even to the highest person in political power? That’s what Benoit did when he took the readers on this riveting ride into the world of politics and science fiction and technology. 

Another reason science fiction is such a great genre is that at the end of the readers’ journey into the story, science fiction is meant to teach its readers a lesson. Science fiction, first off, aims to reach out how essential science and technology are in reality, in the life of the average, next-door Joe. Science and technology are integral to solving even life’s simplest form of problem, and that without science and technology, life itself would not move forward and would not progress. 

Science fiction also teaches its readers the importance of taking care of the present, staying present, and being mindful and aware of the current issues affecting mankind. One of those issues could be the existing global warming and climate change issues. By depicting through stories an abysmal picture of what happens if mankind continues to ignore the call to care for the environment, science fiction helps spread awareness that is legitimate since, after all, this genre typically involves doing a lot of scientific research. It is a game of truth and consequence for this type of literature. 

This literary genre is also one of the most respected genres of literature, another reason why it stands out. Science fiction writers strive to remain faithful when describing how science works in their novels. Although plotlines and themes are imaginary, still, writers put in a lot of effort to connect actual scientific processes, theories, and works with their fictional subjects and conspiracies. Aside from that, most authors ensure that they’ve got the best experts and authorities on their subjects as their references to make their work credible.

Science fiction is the first choice of literature if the readers are looking for exciting, intriguing, and imagination-spinner reads. Benoit Blanchard’s book, Cyberbrain, is a suspenseful, delightful piece of fiction, yet ultimately fulfilling why science fiction is a top-notch genre for literature. Grab the Cyberbrain series on Amazon now, or visit the author’s website for more details.