Should you, a self-published author, host a book signing event?

Or, to rephrase the question, should you go out, meet your readers, and sign copies of your book/s?

You should. Why?

You know what a well-designed, user-friendly dynamic website can do for you and your readers. You know the power of high-quality content – and how it can drive traffic to your website and improve its SEO (search engine optimization).

Sure, all this talk about book marketing, SEO, and social media advertising for self-published authors is important. But nothing beats meeting your readers face to face at book signing events, also called book autographing sessions, where you are able to sit down and chat with people, right?

Why should you organize a book signing event? Let’s get back to the basics of socialization and discuss the benefits that you as a self-published author can get from hosting a book autographing session.

  1. Build author brand recognition. Book signing events are a great way to get potential readers to discover you. Organizing such an event promotes your name and provides your audience the opportunity to interact with your author brand. This kind of book marketing event can create buzz in digital media and social networks, especially when attendees post pictures of your event on their favorite social platform.
  2. Create opportunities. Not many self-published authors know how a book signing event can be the spark of future creative and marketing endeavors – and how it can create opportunities for them. Great things happen when they meet readers and even fellow authors. They share experiences, ideas, best practices – and hope to keep the written word alive.
  3. Connect face-to-face with readers. What better way to build author brand affinity than to connect with readers and other authors on a personal level? Face-to-face connections impact engagement; they can really solidify people’s interest in your book/s.
  4. Strengthen your community. Book marketing events such as book autographing sessions are events where your readers and even fans of your literary genre congregate. By hosting a book signing event, you encourage attendees to build relationships with one another, engage actively online, and create a loyal community around your author brand. There is power in organizing and attending a book event and seeing other people who share similar literary and creative interests.
  5. Promote your advocacy. Aside from publishing a book, hosting a book autographing session is also a great way to call to attention the issue or topic that impact you the most. This book publicity event provides you the opportunity to drive readers to rally behind your cause, create opportunities for dialogue, and even rattle a few minds.
  6. Build trust. Organizing book marketing events, especially for and by newly self-published authors, shows that you are a full-fledged writer and legit author. Not only do you exist but you have the proof – a published book/s – and you that you can spare the time to meet readers face-to-face and sign autographs at a book autographing session. It does not matter how big or small your book signing event is but what matters is that your readers are able to connect with you and your brand on a personal level.
  7. Generate revenue. The visibility of your author brand¸your community of loyal readers, and new projects and opportunities will all translate into increased brand revenue. Book signing events not only give you the opportunity to establish human relationships but also the chance to sell more copies of your book.
  8. Raise funds for charity. A book signing event can also be an event to raise funds for charity. Giving back to the community can help increase your author brand visibility and raise awareness about your cause, especially if you publish a book/s about it.
  9. Establish thought leadership. A book autographing session can help establish you as a thought leader, social media influencer and perhaps even as a trendsetter of new ideas and innovation and not just as a storyteller, published author and entrepreneur.
  10. Have fun. If your readers enjoy meeting you at your author signing event, they will come back in anticipation of new stories and more moments with you. What could be more fun than meeting people who want to read your work?

Organizing a book signing event can benefit your book marketing and promotion campaign.