ReadersMagnet recommends these 5 delightful reads that celebrate faith in God and His undying love to all.

It’s amazing how books can inspire our day and renew our faith in God. While most inspirational and religious books usually require our time and focus, as most of these materials contain serious themes and solemn narratives. It is good to know that there are light reads that inspire readers to re-examine their perspectives and reflect on the love and compassion of God. Below are 5 books that celebrate faith and love.

Born, Broken, Blessed II by Sadie Hamer

Born, Broken, Blessed is a story of a woman named Madison Washington. At age thirty-two she married and divorced twice. Realizing that she must have been searching for love in the wrong places, she decided to seek the Lord. She resigned to the idea that true love will only come if she first recognizes the Lord as the ultimate love. After numerous short-term affairs and circumstances that did not work as she expected, Madison finally decides to get back to the Lord. Born, Broken, and Blessed is a unique book. It contains scriptures, inspirational verses, and short stories that remind us of God’s presence in our life. A truly great read.

His Love for Me is Strong by John Wivina

Children’s illustrated books have always been able to reach broad numbers of readers. Great illustrations coupled with child-friendly text-based from the Bible, John Wivina’s His Love for Me is Strong is a great way to teach kids about Jesus Christ and God’s love. The book focused mainly on the life and death of Jesus Christ and how God saves humanity through Jesus. The narrative is told from a child’s perspective making it a light and delightful read.

In the Shadow of God’s Love by Leelia Carolyn Cornell

Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s In the Shadow of God’s Love is both personal and religious. Cornell divided the book into two main parts. The first part is a collection of poems and verses. Leelia Carolyn Cornell shares her relationship with God. For Cornell, God is always present in our lives in times of happiness, suffering, tragedy, and even in funny moments. The second part of the book is more personal. It contains stories from Carolyn and her ancestors proclaiming God’s presence in their daily lives. In the Shadow of God’s Love’s combination of poems and stories makes the book more interesting. In the Shadow of God’s Love is both entertaining and inspiring. Leelia Carolyn Cornell is a historian, missionary, and contributor. Her interest includes the Hebraic understanding of scripture and the Messianic Jewish movement.

Peeking Through the Pearlies by Brenda Wilson

Peeking through the Pearlies is a book that will make you believe that miracles do happen every day if only we can look closer. It is a collection of short stories that will inspire readers to have a new outlook on life. Whether it’s a missing child, an angel in a snowstorm or a lost dog, Brenda Wilson’s true-life tales will inspire readers to look past the mundane and see the divine in everyday situations. They are proof that every day is an opportunity from God to peek through the pearlies and see little of wonders unfold everywhere.

The Miracle of Wendy Whimple by Attilio Guardo

The Miracle of Wendy Whimple is a must-read book for children and those young at heart. It is a fantasy fiction that revolves around a 9-year old girl named Wendy. Wendy is born with a physical deformity that forced her mother to give her up to a relative. The relative soon discovered that Wendy possesses a special power. She can heal animals. However, trouble follows Wendy when the Pullo brothers move in their neighborhood. Attilio Guardo’s The Miracle of Wendy Whimple is like a modern-day fairy tale with a twist.