Faith is more than just a notion that you can hold whenever you go through tough times, it is something that is deeply rooted. One that you should always delve into and work on. Strong faith is what keeps a person get through the darkness, serving as a light in the path. That is why growing your faith stronger each day should always be a priority.

As a Catholic, there are many ways and methods that you can do to make this possible. One way is through reading literature works that can inspire you to work on your faith. Reading books that can immerse you to have spiritual growth. In this blog, you will learn some of the best Catholic books that can ignite growth in faith:

The Road of Hope: A Gospel from Prison by Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan

Although this book is believed to be singled out for priests, many have noted that this can also be for everybody. People longing for understanding and knowledge can read this book for enlightenment. It can serve as a book that can guide a person through their spiritual journey. This simple yet wisdom-filled book can offer so much to a person for meditation. Illuminating, humbling, at the same time challenging, this book is full of inspiration from God. Reading this book will give readers a full view of the author’s experience. It truly shows how having faith in God’s love can conquer everything.

Inside the Catholic Family: Reflections of a Parish Priest by Father Francis Peffley

It is a book intertwined with meaningful poems that can enrich a reader’s understanding of the Catholic religion. With this, they will enhance the inspiration to deeply understand the beauty and dexterity of the relationships within the family. This is the one book that should always be in the reach during family activities. It can teach a lot to all the members, especially the ones that need to strengthen the foundation of faith and love. A book full of wisdom and knowledge is always needed in a Catholic household sitting next to a family Bible. Also, you should also hear the words by Fr. Peffley on Christianity.

Three To Get Married by Reverend Fulton J Sheen D.D.

This book is classical prose about the loving relationship between man and God, and man with a woman and for the sake of stewarding the family. The highlight of this book is that it aids in soothing the biggest and profound challenges of being in human relationships as readers search for something to complete them. This book is an easy read, many reviewers are appreciating it because of that. Moreover, this book proved to make the childless understand the meaning of having a family.

Finding True Happiness: Satisfying Our Restless Hearts by Fr. Robert J. Spitzer S.J. Ph.D.

People always search for happiness. They can find it in every area of life. However, searching for true and genuine happiness can be a difficult task. This book delves into this subject matter. It can help people identify and eventually reach for the kind of happiness that is present in different times of life. As well as that, it is a book for all those who struggle to find ways in believing in God. If you know someone who would be needing this book, it is the perfect gift.

Catholic Companion by Fireside Catholic Publishing

Of course, this list will not be complete without the Holy Bible. This version has gotten a lot of great reviews about it can serve as their everyday bible, literally a companion to a believer. Aside from its mobility and travel-friendly size, it is also something that can capture a reader’s heart. This Holy Bible can serve as a version of a Catholic Bible that can work for everybody of all ages. The book cover instantly radiates that the book is specially made for Catholics, because of the crucifix displayed, which also gains praise from reviewers. On top of that, it is the only Bible with a pray-along Rosary embossed, also found on the cover. Because of this, many find that this version can be a joy to hold and read.

Set it as a goal to read at least one hour a day. It can serve as your time with God. All while increasing your knowledge and understanding of your faith.