Memoirs can work differently for every person. However, the most common and the most valuable thing to do is to create significant changes in a person’s life. Memoirs serve as something that people learn from. By definition, memoirs are tales of a person’s life. Like the way people learn from listening, reading can provide many learnings that you can encounter. If you are new to reading and looking for the best memoirs to kick start your love for this genre, Readersmagnet got your back. This blog will tackle some of the most meaningful memoirs you can help your self-growth. See the below:

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan

Dive into a memoir that will change the way you think about life. Brain on Fire, authored by Susannah Cahalan, is an award-winning book about a woman who tries to gain her identity back from where she lost it. This memoir brings a story that will keep readers fascinated and learn from the author’s experiences, from being a reporter to being a psychotic patient. Many reviews revealed that the book should be a required read for everyone working in the health care industry, especially the neurologist. This is a worthwhile read, showing how powerful the brain works.

Sabbath Economics: A Spiritual Guide Linking Love with Money by Judith Wright Favor

The second book on the list is far different from the first one. However, this memoir is also a must-read for everyone who desires to explore different possibilities in life. This self-help memoir does not only focus on one single aspect; it focuses on a lot. Thus, readers should expect to learn new ideas about life. Most of all, it tackles how one should have their financial choices made. Sabbath Economics books on Money and Spirituality should always be at the disposal of those wanting to achieve a smooth journey of self-development. Plus, you can read this book easily as it is written simply and conversationally.

Beauty in the Broken Places, by Allison Pataki

Beauty in the Broken Places is a memoir that can move mountains for the readers. This book is ideal for those who want to read brutally forthcoming books that can make one wake up from the realities of life; this is the book for you. This book weaves personal letters and recaptured memories. Hidden in the author’s words of humor, this book contains touching insights that one can surely bring forever. The book is raw and honest, far from the other books that this author has published.

Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle

This is a memoir of self-discovery, one of the things that people crave. Overall, the book implies how each of us is a warrior and that everyone deserves to soar as high as possible. One has to strive as hard as possible to achieve a life they’ve dreamt about in life. This book will function as a reminder of how brave a person can become. However, it also implies that you can still be vulnerable no matter the courage at times, which is fine. Everyone deserves to feel emotions and go through them.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

Help yourself find hope and peace with a memoir that can make you see that life is worth living. This is a kind of memoir where you can genuinely feel a connection with the author. It tells you never to give up no matter what life throws at you. Some say that they would read the book in just one sitting because of how good it is.