Christian nonfiction books create a deeper understanding of the meaning of being a person of faith in the Lord and Jesus Christ. Topics can vary, but one thing these books have in common is how it spills out the truths that everyone needs to hear. Hence, here are nonfiction books every Christian needs to read this year. 

The Good Life by Dr. Derwin Gray

Every person wants to find happiness. Many chase after “the good life” to see this happiness. However, during this pursuit of happiness, many run into physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Dr. Derwin Gray’s The Good Life questions this happiness you’ve created. The happiness you’ve been striving for is not the actual happiness you have made. So, what is true happiness? And how can we find it? In this 2020 book, pastor and author Dr. Grey asserts a path to true happiness. The path he identifies is the life you lived with Jesus by embracing the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5:1-12. Etch every word in your mind as Jesus invites you to a flourishing, happy, and transformative life. 

Jesus the King by Timothy Keller

Published in 2013, Jesus the King is about understanding the life and death of God’s son. Author Timothy Keller unveils new insights into Jesus’ life. The book explores how Jesus came to be asking. But a king who had to carry a significant burden anyone ever has. This book is a revelatory look at the life of Jesus Christ as told in Mark’s Gospel. Keller describes Jesus as a man both deeply embedded in culture and times. The story of Jesus is at once cosmic, historical, and personal, calling each person on Earth to look at relationships with God in a new way. Keller’s Jesus the King provides an unforgettable look at Jesus Christ that will leave an indelible imprint on anyone. 

From Science to Spirituality by Neil C. Griffen

Neil C. Griffen’s From Science to Spirituality challenges your preconceived beliefs. The book sets out to prove the evangelical sway to religion or culture. Griffen, adept in science and religion, presents significant data to answer the existence of one God. From Science to Spirituality tackles a profound topic embracing all points that will set you on a new exploration path. Griffen will take you on a journey to discover the truth and relationship between science and spirituality and rediscover things about your beliefs. Learn and unlearn in From Science to Spirituality to achieve real spiritual growth. All heresy you’ve known will be provided with a scientific process to further knowledge of science, religion, and spirituality. 

After Amen by Rusty George

Rusty George emphasizes in this book that the journey of life is not easy. The trail you pass through is filled with provocation, and you need help to pass through it. You pray to the Lord in times like this. After Amen introduces the idea that no one is praying enough, but all pray some. Prayer comes in moments when you get desperate to speak to the Lord. You pour out everything in prayers, making confessions, promises, and deals, saying “Amen.” After that, you wait and wait. Having waited for so long, you question if God heard you or not. With decades of experience, Rusty George offers plenty of new ways to associate you with God and get answers while waiting. George will explore the ministry of Jesus, and you will encounter a variety of people who come to Him in need. After Amen will allow you to discover the mighty steps of faith. 

A Holy Fear by Christina Fox

Fear is experienced by many. This fear can be about the future, illness, or the judgment of other people. Christina Fox declares in A Holy Fear that the Bible commands Christians to fear. Faithful Christians are to fear the Lord. A Holy Fear unloads why believers should fear the Lord, its meaning, and what it looks like in your life. You can tread upon the holy ground agape with wonder in A Holy Fear. A must-read for anyone struggling with fears. Fox unpacks significant truths about the meaning of fear of the Lord and how to walk in that truth every day. Furthermore, Fox will remind you that God owns all things, and everything came from His generosity.