In a world brimming with uncertainty, there is a constant quest to unravel the mysteries of the afterlife, to discover the existence of something beyond the veil of the physical world.

Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales, written by the spiritually-driven David Tuttle, offers a beacon of hope, a glimpse into the ethereal realms that lie beyond our grasp.

Tuttle’s journey, inspired by psychic messages and a fateful encounter with the unknown, unfolds within the pages of this enlightening book.

Meet David Tuttle, A Seeker of Truth and Inspiration

Before we dive into the enchanting world of Soul Licensed, it’s essential to get to know the man behind this awe-inspiring journey.

David Tuttle, an author and spiritual enthusiast, has an unquenchable curiosity for the intricacies of life and its profound connection to the spiritual realm.

His motivations stem from encounters with psychics and many personal experiences that have nudged him toward a spiritual awakening.

It is this calling that fuels Tuttle’s writing, as he shares his insights, guidance, and inspiration with readers through the pages of his book.

The Spark Behind “Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales”

In his interview on Kate Delaney’s America Tonight, Tuttle delves into the inspiration behind his captivating book.

He reveals that his journey into the world of spiritual writing began in 2012 when spirit guides conveyed a message through a psychic reading.

The ethereal voices urged him to write, sparking a small blurb on a website that he believed fulfilled his mission.

Yet, this was just the beginning. In Traverse City, Michigan, another psychic reading reinforced their plea for him to write again, setting the stage for the creation of Soul Licensed.

Awakening from Disconnection and Uncertainty

One of the most compelling aspects of Tuttle’s book is its ability to address the profound sense of disconnection and uncertainty that many individuals face.

His transformation commenced with his role as a Reiki practitioner and, subsequently, a Reiki master teacher. This newfound connection to spiritual energies ignited a powerful awakening.

Tuttle’s journey led him to understand that there is no reason to fear death or the unknown. We are all on a unique mission in life, and venturing off that path might hold surprises.

Unlocking the Secrets of Well-being

David Tuttle shares, “Basically, I provide some tips on how to better your health. I mentioned different energy techniques that you can use, and you don’t have to be a Reiki person to do that—just meditation and awareness and being aware of your thoughts because your thoughts can change your life.” 

Tuttle shares a wealth of tips on improving health, incorporating different energy techniques, and the profound impact of meditation and thought awareness.

The book underscores the transformative potential of our thoughts, emphasizing the age-old wisdom that our thoughts can shape our lives.

Negativity begets negativity, while positivity sows the seeds of a brighter future.

The Lesson of Hope and the Journey Beyond

At the heart of Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales lies a powerful message.

Readers will take away a lesson of hope and realize that everything happens for a reason and that there’s more than that. There’s no reason to fear anything happening on this planet because there is no death. And from what I’ve read, they say you outline your life on the other side,” David Tuttle states. 

Tuttle aspires to leave readers with a profound sense of hope and an awareness that everything occurs for a reason. He dismantles the fear of the unknown, reassuring us that there is no death but rather a continuation of existence in another form.

Tuttle’s revelations suggest that we chart the course of our lives even beyond this realm, guiding our destinies from the other side.


David Tuttle’s book is a spiritual journey, an enlightening guide for those seeking solace in the mysteries of existence. Tuttle’s profound insights, fueled by his personal experiences and spiritual encounters, offer a radiant beacon of hope in a world that sometimes seems cloaked in shadows. 

For those who want to read this book and embark on their journey of discovery, enlightenment, and transformation, Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales by David Tuttle is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble