Teachers are often hailed as heroes for their relentless dedication to imparting valuable knowledge to their learners. As it is said to be the noblest profession, many assume it is a career filled with rainbows and butterflies. However, those in the field would attest that it is not a piece of cake or work for the faint of heart. From fund shortages, and never-ending lesson plans, to parent liaisons, teachers face various challenges that increasingly make their line of work more complex.

Any educator would agree that everything would go well if they’re handling quintessential learners who are smart, highly capable, and goal-driven. Now, this begs the question: what should educators do if tasked to teach the underprivileged, who are often perceived as the less ideal learners? Extraordinaire educator Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore sat with esteemed presenter Kate Delaney on “America Tonight” to discuss the answers to this question and share her educational views in a profound radio interview.

Radio Interview with Kate Delaney featuring Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore

Becoming Dr. Moore

Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore is a respected educator, therapist, minister, and entrepreneur. A trailblazing visionary, she broke the glass ceiling to found Travis Academy, a Christian-centered private African American school exclusively for adolescent boys in urban Milwaukee. Through the academy, she helped countless learners and educators. Her efforts didn’t go to waste as Dr. Travis is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Alpha Kappa Alpha Central Regional Director’s Outstanding Educator Award.

Dr. Travis also translates her wisdom to speaking and writing. She has written books on education and has been invited across various states to speak on education issues. One of her goals is to create awareness about handling at-risk students.

With the various hats she’s wearing, one couldn’t help but wonder how Dr. Travis finds time to relax and unwind. Kate Delaney asked her how she could find love, care, and concern with her busy schedule. “I think I operate at a high energy level, but I find time to rest and relax. However, I will tell you, when I rest and am relaxed, I’m dangerous because ideas begin to flow and ways to improve come out of me,” Dr. Travis gladly shared with Kate.

Despite her numerous awards, Dr. Travis claims that teaching children have been the source of her tremendous success. She firmly believes that each life serves a purpose and that every child has the power to realize the goal they have for themselves. It is no wonder why becoming Dr. Moore has been an aspiration for many educators.

Inside Dr. Moore’s Powerful Book

In her radio interview with Kate Delaney, Dr. Travis said that her rich journey as a school director inspires her to share her knowledge with more schools and instructors around the country. She wants to encourage everyone, particularly those who often make a judgment call, not to give up on children. Dr. Travis cited that these calls tell which students will make it and which won’t. She explained that such calls aren’t accurate as each child has the potential. “With little help, we can bring that out of them,” she said.

Kate Delaney then asked Dr. Travis to say something about her book. She asked the education pioneer what readers could find in her book. Dr. Travis answered that what her readers can see in her book “MOVING STUDENTS FROM POTENTIAL TO PERFORMANCE” are stories one can often hear in the teachers’ lounge. These stories reflect the lives of kids struggling with various issues due to their environment, learning styles, and unfortunate experiences, such as being transferred from one foster home to another.

Dr. Travis noted that these children could overcome their struggles and do great things with the guidance of their instructors. “All I’m saying is that it’s not limited to those. There are so many out there that we have put a label on that will do great things if we work with them,” she shared.

Moore solidified her message by citing real-life scenarios she experienced with students who could come out of their shells and now lead outstanding careers.

The Silver Lining in the American Educational System

With its contents, Dr. Travis’s book “MOVING STUDENTS FROM POTENTIAL TO PERFORMANCE” will surely pump educators to improve their craft. Due to the existing dilemma in the United States educational system, one can’t help but notice that many teachers decide to leave their profession, a sad reality that needs an immediate and practical solution.

 Dr. Travis discussed ways to help improve the system and shared that she could help with her book. She recently spoke to teachers and made them ponder their purpose. The author shared some of the TOMS (Tips on Moving Students) found in her book. TOMS is Dr. Travis’ musings and suggestions on how teachers can connect with their learners.

“The most valuable resource we can have is our children,” Dr. Travis emphasized. She ended her statement by urging the government to step up – to encourage teachers to embrace their careers, to make the necessary financial adjustments. Dr. Travis believes that nothing is impossible when everyone helps each other.

Learn more about Dr. Travis and her book by visiting her website: https://dorothytravismoore.com/

Whether you are an educator, a parent, or a counselor interested in instilling hope in any children, especially those at risk, Dr. Travis’ book is for you. Grab a copy of “MOVING STUDENTS FROM POTENTIAL TO PERFORMANCE” by Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore today on Amazon.