God’s dominion over the world and His people is evident throughout the Bible. The Lord influences our lives and the world around us. His will and power create and manage circumstances to guide us according to His predetermined plan – for His glory and the benefit of His people. Otherwise, we may wrongly interpret the events of our lives as accidental and fail to recognize our divine purpose rooted in the God who created us. As we try to understand God’s words, we will see ourselves within the larger context of His grander plan.

Dr. Gentre L. Garmon’s first non-fiction inspirational book, Thrifty Thoughts For The Day, captures various topics that reflect human life, thoughts, seasons, and God’s influence on them. Initially intended for his congregation in Buffalo, he shares his trust and faith in God through a compilation of musings and philosophical learnings, hoping to inspire readers to ponder and reflect through their lives.

Thrifty Thoughts For The Day delves into parenthood, wisdom, freedom, and discipleship. In an awakening interview with top-brass host Kate Delaney for her syndicated radio program America Tonight, the author discusses how he came up with the book, highlighting inner peace.

What Life Entails

Dr. Garmon has served as a pastor of a missionary Baptist church in Buffalo for 35 years. He has also been a public health social worker, a supervisor, and an educator, which allows him to come across all kinds of people. When asked what made him decide to pull his book together, he emphasized making people understand life from various perspectives. 

“I wanted to, you know, get people to know there are different ways of looking at life,” Dr. Garmon responded. “And so this was the avenue that I chose to present, you know, some of this information, the musings that you earlier spoke of.”

Peace from Within

Kate asked Dr. Garmon how people get peace and what input he can provide. According to Dr. Garmon, peace comes from within. He views peace as something beyond physical circumstances and believes a person cannot obtain peace by looking at outward circumstances.

“Peace comes from within. You have to know how to collect your thoughts,” said Dr. Garmon. “How does one learn about himself and to, you know, before life is over, how to find that ultimate peace? And you can get peace here on earth.”  

Dr. Garmon talked about believing in God’s love and how He forgives our sins in obtaining lasting peace. He shared what he learned from Romans 15:13, declaring joy and peace in believing. The author wants his readers to remember that happiness is based on their decisions. Kate gleefully agreed with Dr. Garmon and noted that anyone can be joyful, but they must do it purposefully.

Toward the end of the interview, Dr. Gentre L. Garmon discussed the significance of receiving redemption from God, stating that all things are possible with God, including obtaining peace that passes all understanding.

“Every person can benefit from the redemption that comes from God the Savior,” said Dr. Garmon. “Because everyone comes in after a few days flawed, infants have little time to discover what life is about. And they, in turn, will also grow and come into the reality that, on their terms, they’re unable to do what God would aid them in doing. Everyone needs this help.”

Dr. Garmon’s Thrifty Thoughts For The Day transcends age and demographics, offering thought-provoking commentary that challenges readers to move through life with God as the center of their actions. The book gives readers a deep understanding of the world.

Dr. Gentre L. Garmon’s book will inspire and enlighten you whether you seek to be challenged, entertained, or comforted. Today, grab a copy of Thrifty Thoughts For The Day on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Listen to the author’s full interview with Kate Delaney on ReadersMagnet’s official YouTube account.