There are numerous reasons why giving is significant. Giving brings joy and satisfaction to the giver and enhances their overall well-being. In essence, being generous is beneficial not just for oneself but also for those around us. 

You might think you need to be better or more generous to give, but a little help always goes a long way. Being charitable and sharing what you have with others is not only for the rich. It is also our responsibility to give back to the community and teach others of its importance. It is the premise of Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson’s Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich: A How-to Guide for Giving and Philanthropy.

A Book for Givers

Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich is a valuable resource that provides an inspiring and easy-to-use guide on the numerous benefits of giving. With this book, you will discover creative ways to connect to worthwhile programs, achieve a sense of purpose, and derive immeasurable pleasure from helping others. 

Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson offers compelling reasons to give, considers essential values and concerns, and advises on giving wisely. The book provides examples from diverse donors, including wealthy individuals, social entrepreneurs, celebrities, government officials, nonprofit professionals, volunteers, and social media users. Dr. Susan shows you how to evaluate charities, make informed choices, and realize your commitments.

In an up-close interview with award-winning host Kate Delaney of “America Tonight,” the former President of International Consultants, Inc., has been consulting for international business, educational, cultural, and other institutions, talked about her book and work, including how giving makes one’s life better, happier, and healthier. 

The Best Drug is Helping Others 

During her interview with Kate, Dr. Susan explained her motivation for writing her book. She stated that her primary goal is to help people find a cause they can believe in and encourage individuals to ask questions when approached for donations or other assistance.

 Dr. Susan emphasized that not all billionaires who claim to donate substantial amounts of money are honest and that some ordinary people who have been giving selflessly throughout their lives are true heroes. They want to inspire others to follow in their footsteps by positively impacting the lives of those in need.

For Dr. Susan, helping others is a drug that she has been taking for a long time, and it started with her father, who trained her to give back. 

“Instead of complaining all the time, it’s much better to look around. And I actually I had to shift careers not out of choice but because of circumstances. So, I went from being a professor of international relations to becoming an entrepreneur internationally. And it’s been great. And it means that number one, listening to others, figuring out what they want, and then getting into a conversation about how you might be able to help them. And it may be with money and maybe with ideas, and it may be just treating them like human beings instead of statistics or whatever because each person wants to be treated like a full human being, and we can do that, whether it’s in the family, neighbors, community schools, whatever it is. And again, the more one gives to others, the better one feels oneself,” Dr. Susan said. 

Starting Small in Making the World a Better Place 

When asked what she wants her readers to take away from her book, she put emphasizes the value of starting small. “There’s so much we all can do because we see problems around us, people being killed or wars or so many things that we wish were not taking place. And we can’t change all the bad things. But we can start in a small way with real causes, real organizations, real groups of people who want to help others and concentrate on the positive. And then it makes life more enjoyable, and we hope we’re contributing to society,” Dr. Susan explained. 

Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson set up a program of awards at the Columbia School of International Public Affairs, where she attended. She talked about how it can inspire others, especially younger people, to help others in another country. “It adds layer after layer after layer of people helping others in imaginative ways,” Dr. Susan said.  Have the spirit to listen, care, and share with others? Be sure to check out Dr. Susan Aurelia Gitelson’s exclusive interview with Kate Delaney on ReadersMagnet’s official YouTube channel. Her book, Giving Is Not Just For The Very Rich: A How-to Guide for Giving and Philanthropy, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble