Parents want their children to be kind, resilient, and strong because they know there will always be hard times. They want them to persevere despite any struggles their young ones may face. Books are great resources for discussing significant values with children. Through well-thought children’s books, parents can start a dialogue with their children in the best way possible.

An angel is one of the most loved characters in a book for children. Albeit fictional, angels are ideal models of good behavior. Author Elaine Vanderberg’s book “Chloe: The Left-Behind Angel” is an excellent example of a well-written book with fitting characters and an exciting plot that will surely captivate young minds. In a radio interview on Kate Delaney’s radio program America Tonight, Elaine discusses the inspiration for her book, including how it highlights the beauty of courage. The book mirrors Elaine’s belief that everyone should contribute to making the world a safe and beautiful place to live in. It conveys a wise lesson for both parents and kids.

A Tale of a Courageous Angel

In the exclusive interview, Elaine Vanderberg took the time to explain why she wrote her inspiring book and her advice for parents when their kids feel like giving up.

Elaine’s lighthearted book for children tells the story of Chloe the angel. Chloe sits and struggles because she is having trouble with her performance at the Angel Academy, where all young angels train, refining their flights. Chloe worries she will never live up to the expectations others have of her because she is not confident that she has what it takes. On one particular day, she must pass a surprise test that can only be given by the most powerful and extraordinary of all the angels.

No matter what challenges we encounter, “Chloe: The Left-Behind Angel” tells us that we must never give up since only the strongest endure.

Elaine Vanderberg’s Angel

Angels are spiritual beings made by God to serve him. They are powerful beings that serve as God’s messengers. Kate Delaney asked Elaine to describe Chloe, the angel in her story, and the message that she wants to share with the kids who will read her book.

Elaine explained that despite being an angel, Chloe shares similar qualities common to modern children. “As Chloe continues, she discovers that she has magic powers. She just had to believe in herself, and in doing so, she saved a child’s life. She is rewarded. My point is you don’t have to get all As. You don’t have to be the best in the class to go out into the world and be successful. Believe in yourself. Don’t give up,” Elaine shared.

With society’s pressure on young children, Elaine’s message is timely and relevant.

The Hand Behind the Angelic Story

Elaine Vanderberg adored fiction as a child and devoured every book in her school library. She has always loved working for and supporting the arts. Even after becoming a silversmith in her leisure time, she still reads several books weekly. Also, Elaine serves on the Friends of the Darcy Library board in Beulah, Michigan. She sells, donates, and gives away her handmade bead bracelets at the Frankfort Art Center.

Elaine has participated in more committees than she wants to list and continues to do so. She can support her community hospital by working in the gift shop and serving on the Auxiliary Board. Elaine has a special connection to the hospital because of her 16 years of service as a medical technologist in St. Joseph, Michigan. It is where she was born and raised. She has three children, five grandchildren, and two great-grandsons, but she never made up a story for any other than McKenzi!

Although Elaine has always loved to read books, she has never considered creating one. Her first book, “Chloe: The Left-Behind Angel,” was inspired by a scenario she came up with in response to her 6-year-old granddaughter’s request for a story. Elaine eventually typed it down, but further tales kept entering her head. She now has four picture books for kids with the message, “Believe in yourself, have excellent friends, and don’t give up.”

Sharing Goodness One Book at a Time

Elaine has published several books apart from “Chloe.” One of those is “Timmy the Timid Cloud,” which teaches young children not to bully others. “This one means you don’t have to be big and strong. You don’t have to let people push you around. Don’t be pushed around. Find some friends (whom) you can manage to do anything,” Elaine explained.

Elaine disclosed that she has two more upcoming books telling different survival forms. She hopes people will continue reading her book and sharing it with children. Elaine Vanderberg’s “Chloe: The Left-Behind Angel” encourages parents to guide and support their children and anyone to embrace the changes life may offer with a courageous heart. The book is also an ideal reading practice material for beginner readers, making it a must-have on every school’s bookshelves. Grab a copy of the book today on Amazon.