According to Aristotle in Metaphysics, wisdom starts with wonder. Looking into the vastness of the Earth, one would think about how today’s world came to be what it is. Science, history, religion, and psychology are indeed at play, but how humanity thrives from a psycho-spiritual perspective is a wonder. It wasn’t merely billions of years of life surviving, thriving, and filling every ecological niche possible on Earth that brought humanity into existence, but an entire Universe. The scientific story of what it takes to make evolution possible requires society to consider its grand connection with the universe. 

In her intimate interview in “America Tonight” with award-winning host Kate Delaney, author Hope Raymond highlights man’s connection to the world and the universe. She contends that humanity’s choices are directly proportional to the universe as humans are the universe’s consciousness. 

“I realized that we were really hurting the environment badly by the choices we were making,” Hope said. “We are the consciousness for the universe.” She explained that humans are responsible for caring for the environment because no other living creature has the frontal lobe that people have, including the ability to embody higher consciousness. “We are absolutely crucial for humanity’s growth to progress,” she added. According to Hope, this can only be actualized if people collectively strive to make good choices. It is something that she discovered while writing her book. 

Her book, Where in the World Is God? Humanity as Mirror, delves into thought-provoking questions and encourages readers to think deeply. It traces humanity’s psycho-spiritual growth through history. These developments are presented as a play where humans and other living beings live out their unique roles in various stages of history. The book will appeal to every reader seeking to view life from a new perspective.

A Globetrotter of Tales 

Hope Raymond’s life has revolved around her passions for the world, psychology, religion, philosophy, education, and writing. She has degrees in English (B.A.), elementary education (M.A.T.), and theology (M.Div.) and has taught students of all ages. At the age of seventy, Hope has traveled extensively, allowing her to weave tales demonstrating life’s richness. Her solo journey through nine countries across the globe gave birth to her book, Four Moons. 

A Love Letter to the Millennial Generation

Hope Raymond dedicates her book to the millennial generation. She explained that while every generation brings new genes to the world, the millennials are the ones who are now in their 20s and 30s. 

“If you look at the millennials who are often not accepted very well by some elders; because they don’t want to follow what we’re doing. They want to make their own decisions and think there are better ways of doing things, which I think bothers many people. But that’s exactly what we need. They brought in the genes with them that are needed now,” Hope discussed. 

After reading Where in the World Is God? Humanity as Mirror, readers will realize that Shakespeare was correct in his assertion that every person is an actor in the drama of life. However, the author, Hope, argues that this role is not limited to humans alone. The Earth, sky, and entire cosmos are also integral players in the great drama of existence.

Hope’s book is filled with wisdom, but she wants to highlight humanity’s core responsibility as the prime takeaway from reading her book. “(We need to) Accept the fact that we do have this huge responsibility of making a conscious decision for our land,” adding that “without understanding that, if people didn’t do anything, nothing would happen,” Hope concluded.  

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