Achieving your full potential requires stepping out of your comfort zone and marshalling the courage to confront your fears. Fear blocks progress towards your goals and dreams. You play it safe but small. You fail to pursue opportunities that would make meaningful positive changes in your life.

The Problem

You have been taught that fear keeps you safe. In reality, this erroneous belief traps you in your fears. You fail to use them to gain the valuable feedback that those experiences were designed to teach. Instead of making needed mid-course corrections required to succeed, you freeze. Trapped by your fears, your limiting beliefs ensure that your future will remain a replay of your past.

In his exclusive interview on America Tonight with Kate Delaney, Wakechild talks about the inspiration behind his book, Ending Fear: The “7 R” Formula for Fearless Awakening. Tom enjoys sharing the “7R” Formula that allows people to break free of fear and find the inner peace and happiness all seek and deserve.

Tom states that, “There is  nothing wrong with you, but you need a new plan that stops fear from ruining your life.” His book gives you that plan.

The Devastating Effects of Fear

Thomas Wakechild is a best-selling author and a contemporary spiritual teacher. Known as a practical mystic, Tom blends scientific and mystical traditions to formulate practical solutions for today’s fear-based world. His teachings end the blame, shame, and guilt game, enabling you to respond to events without compromising your values or inner peace.

Tom wrote this book, “because I know firsthand how devastating the effects of fear can be on anyone’s quest for long-term happiness and inner peace.” He tells that as a child, he was terrorized by recurring nightmares of witnessing the murder of his twin sisters.

He states that,” “Fear had rendered me incapable of responding to the  situation in any way. I was frozen on those steps.” Escaping from that nightmare has been his quest ever since. He has spent a lifetime studying and managing fear. It is that experience that motivates him to help others by sharing this wisdom.

 He states, “In my book ‘Ending Fear,’ I combined psychological, sociological, and scientific research to support the 7R formula for fearless awakening. It allows people to break free from their fears.” 

Learn how to recover the freedom and power to think for yourself while living a life of joy, integrity, and inner peace.

The “7R Formula for Fearless Awakening

In Kate Delaney’s interview, Tom shares that the “7Rs” are key words that help readers first identify their fears then challenge and overcome their fear-based programming.

The book “provides a blueprint of the tools needed to create a thought system that’s not based on fear,” Tom explained. “In the book, I show you how to use the mind science behind fear, to overcome your fears, and to start living a happier, meaningful life that aligns with your authentic self.” 

Discover your life’s purpose, how the creation cycle works, and how to eliminate fear at its source. Tom wants you to realize you are not the problem. Instead, your erroneous beliefs are. You need a new plan.

“My goal is for you to become the deliberate creator of your own self-identity so that you are able to start living authentically with the new self that you have envisioned.“

Unlocking the Door to Ending Fear

As children, we were brainwashed into a mindset that fosters dependency and fear. It secretly undermines any chance for lasting happiness and inner peace. The 7 Steps of Realize, Recognize, Relationships, Responsibility, Reinterpret, Revolt, and Restructure creates a new mindset that supports your dreams and aspirations. You learn the logic and skills  needed to overthrow your limiting beliefs and fears.

“When you live in fear, you watch opportunities pass you by while you live an uninteresting life,”  ~ Tom Wakechild 

Are you tired of living in fear, playing it small, and being a victim? If you’re ready to overcome fear, unlock your full potential and live your life as your authentic self, grab a copy of Thomas R. Wakechild’s Ending Fear: The “7 R” Formula for Fearless Awakening, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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