Karen Sperl, the author of Spirit Superfood: 37 Days of Biblical Wisdom Broken Down and Easy to Understand – Like a Daily Superfood Smoothie for your Spirit, recently appeared on America Tonight with Kate Delaney in an episode filled with faith, encouragement, and revelation. Karen describes herself as a “woman after God’s heart and a powerful prophetic voice.” In the radio program, she shares with her host Kate about her journey to publishing the book and how it helped in the manifestation of her first publication.

The First Moment of Divine Inspiration

Karen faithfully attributes the book’s content to her time spent with God and listening to His voice. However, its very beginnings could be said to have taken place after she had “given her heart to Jesus.”

She was at a Christian gathering, and the main topic was learning how to hear God’s voice. During that time, a couple of people began to prophesize over her, saying that she was going to write a book. It was a moment of genuine divine inspiration, with one of them specifically declaring her book was going to be a devotional.

This was when the proverbial seed was planted, and Karen had latched on to it as a personal truth. At the same time, however, it did not mean that she was going to set about writing the book at that very moment. One of the other things that made Karen’s relationship with God so important was this was all happening in the midst of a very rough patch in her life. This was a time when she was reaching out and trying to understand what God was trying to tell her.

The answer she got was that He was taking her “on a journey to the Promised Land.” She realized that the rough patches in her life served as her time in some spiritual wilderness not at all unlike the wilderness that Hebrews wandered through in the Old Testament.

This was around six years ago, and the journey through it all was certainly challenging for Karen. There was much inner healing that God did in her life. But as a source of spiritual strength, she stood firmly, believing that He will be faithful to her as long as she continued to stand by him.

Inside Spirit Superfood

Spirit Superfood is a 37-day devotional, which takes a rather unique break from the conventional 30-day or 40-day structure that devotionals tend to be.

But like any good devotional, each day is dedicated to feeding a reader’s spirit with the Word of God. It includes a specific Bible quote and certain prayerful things one can do as part of the devotion. Karen is also very particular about using imagery in her writing as it helps her emulate Jesus’ example with the parables.

After all, these same parables demonstrate the effectiveness of using word pictures for solidifying spiritual truths. Karen dug very deep into Scripture for each day in Spirit Superfood, drawing heavily so as to continue the inner healing effect it has had in her life.

By doing so, she hopes the book provides encouragement much like the one she found in her spiritual journey. It’s essentially a book about taking even the toughest truths in the Bible in a way that’s healthy for the spirit and also easier to understand.

Discovering One’s Own Promised Land

Perhaps one of the most surprising discoveries that Karen has made in her spiritual journey is how the revelations she had shown that everyone has their own Promised Land, just as everyone has their own spiritual wilderness.

It has led her to more surprisingly different interpretations of the Bible’s most controversial and firebrand verses, reshaping them into ideas that can actually prove very nurturing. It’s her hope that her words, breathed upon by God, would also reveal other things that a reader’s heart would need.

You can check out the full interview over at our YouTube Channel. Spirit Superfood: 37 Days of Biblical Wisdom Broken Down and Easy to Understand – Like a Daily Superfood Smoothie for your Spirit is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book also comes with a QR code that will direct readers to Karen’s Spirit Superfood page on Facebook.

Amazon: https://a.co/d/9Hyyd8j

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