Myths and legends have nourished the imaginations and souls of humans for thousands of years. Albeit fictional, they profoundly influence cultures and traditions worldwide, anchoring humankind to a sense of history and meaning through powerful storytelling.

One story that continues to amuse readers across time and places is the tale of the island of Atlantis. Today, countless literary works have emerged, telling its possible origin and alternative variations. Atlantis is probably a mere legend, but there’s no denying the fact that it has inspired modern writers, including Kenneth J. Sousa.

Kenneth’s sci-fi and fantasy book “MAN-DAR of Atlantis” took inspiration from the ancient tale but with a novel twist that will excite its readers. In his exclusive interview in Kate Delaney’s America Tonight, Kenneth talked about his inspiration for writing and the message he’d like to share with the world.

Kenneth Sousa Behind the Pen and the Paper

Kenneth J. Sousa has written nine books and published four. In 1985, Kenneth received a degree in communications from Boston University. Before pursuing his degree, Kenneth has already completed three books.

Kate Delaney asked Kenneth to talk about his early journey as a writer. He disclosed that life took him in different industries before becoming a full-pledged writer. In the early 70s, he worked for a sheet metal business. Despite the excellent work, Kenneth eventually rekindled his deep passion for writing, noting that he was always inclined to write, starting with poetry.

Kenneth’s experience during the Vietnam war contributed to his writing. “It gives me the power, I guess, to wanna keep going…because of the war, I just felt I had to finish what I started, and I continued writing books, and I’m halfway through my eighth book now,” Kenneth said.

When asked to talk about his first book, Kenneth reminisced about his early inspirations in writing. According to him, his first book tells the world that humankind is one. “We are one. The world is one. And I do it in a more poetic form from beginning to end, except when the character dies of a heart attack at the very end while he’s telling everyone around him that we are one. The world is one with everything,” Kenneth answered. He added that unity is the general theme of his first three books.

The Brilliant Origin Behind MAN-DAR

Edgar Cayce is a prominent American clairvoyant whose works inspired the development of modern pseudoscience. His written works on Atlantis and his journey to Central America inspired Kenneth to craft the tale of MAN-DAR.

“Cayce had said that in the pyramids in Central America, there was information leading to Atlantis coming there. I went to almost all the pyramids in Polanco, Mexico. I found what people probably saw on tv, a sarcophagus with a man flying a rocket ship on the sarcophagus. It was done like it was done with a computer. It was much nicer than the Mayan thing, and I really felt that that was my clue to Atlantis being in Central America. That’s how I built the story,” Kenneth shared.

Kenneth J. Sousa’s “MAN-DAR of Atlantis” is the first book of a series that chronicles the adventures of Manny Silva, who soon became MAN-DAR. In the story, MAN-DAR attempts to free a barbarian priestess who is being kept hostage by the high priest of Inanna at a separate time and location. MAN-DAR and the locals save the barbarian priestess from the underworld.

Ultimately, Kenneth hopes people will enjoy reading the book and complete the MAN-DAR trilogy. He promises more excitement in the following two books of the series. “I believe, especially by the third book, you’re gonna see that there’s more than human beings that are intelligent in the world,” Kenneth shared. Fans of science fiction, fantasy, adventure, and brilliant storytelling must read Kenneth’s exciting novel.

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