A dentist opens the conversation on life after death.

Why don’t people talk about life after death? Is it reasonable to believe in life after death? Is it essential that people talk about life after death right now? One may find the answers to these spiritually momentous questions and others when reading the book Living Life with Blinders On: Living Life as God Intended (Xulon Press; 2021) by Dr. Julius Mosley II. 

America Tonight with Kate Delaney presents Julius Mosley II, author of Living Life with Blinders On.

Dr. Mosley is a practicing dentist and long-time ministry head of evangelism and discipleship at his local fellowship. His medical training complements his missionary zeal, mainly his focus on the matter of eternal life, which is the subject of his book Living Life with Blinders On.

Living Life with Blinders On is a book to awaken people about life after death and that physical death is not the end but rather the beginning of one’s eternal existence. God has given everyone choices to make while they are alive. However, after physical death, those choices are gone forever. 

Dr. Mosley wrote Living Life with Blinders On to help believers understand why people are the way they are. Because humankind has inherited a cursed nature, it is impossible to please God with a cursed nature. It is one thing to be religious, but it is another thing to be “born again.” The author hopes that this book will serve as a wake-up call for people who want to receive eternal life.

The author recently guested on Kate Delaney’s nationally syndicated radio talk show America Tonight to talk about life after death and his book Living Life with Blinders On. Dr. Mosley was pushed by the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to share the Gospel. 

“It became more of a need to get to writing a book when the pandemic set in,” the author told his host, “and the number of people that were dying like flies in this country and all over the world had reached 500, and I said, ‘My God!’ I had always wanted to share the Gospel but looks like I need to get in a hurry.”

While his intention to share the Gospel by writing a book is noble, Dr. Mosley admitted that it was no easy task. He added, “I was writing a book for the past couple of years, but I got in a hurry that it became a burden on me. I would get up at 3 o’clock in the morning and wrote what was on my heart and mind.” Nevertheless, the book was completed – and the author’s work in the Lord’s vineyard had just begun. 

The host Kate Delaney has observed that people don’t tend to focus on life after death. Dr. Mosley offered his observation. “People really don’t wanna to think about dying. In fact, we don’t think that we will die. A person cannot live if he thought that they were gonna die. Young people have that kind of orientation to life and death. All the people begin to recognize that something is happening within their bodies from the number of diseases and grey hair and bald hair. They see the degradation of their bodies but young people don’t see that.”

Dr. Mosley stressed the importance of believing in the Gospel early while one has still breath and youthful vitality. He acknowledged that young people could develop faith to lead them to salvation.

“By the time that old people recognize that, it’s very difficult for them to believe the message of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The physical world and the spiritual world

Dr. Mosley also discusses at length the two worlds, the physical world and the spiritual world, and what god each world serves. 

“People need to recognize that there is a god of this world,” explain Dr. Mosley, “and the god of this world is not the god that they thought was of this world. That god is Satan, who blinds the eyes of both young and old, trying to get them to look at the physical world and not allow them to understand that there are two worlds, the physical world and the spiritual world.

“The spiritual world has more intelligences than the physical world because that’s the world where God resides. That’s the world where Satan and his demons will die.”

What could readers learn from the book?

The overall message of Living Life with Blinders On revolves around being ‘born again,’ an act of God whereby eternal life is imparted to the person who believes. Dr. Mosley said, “The great thing that you would learn (from this book) is you learn what really happens from the beginning, why we are in the predicament that we are in. We understand that we are born, which occurs, and understanding that isn’t the reason why we cannot relate to God because God is spirit. 

For us to understand that, we must be born again. The book is about salvation – how a person can be born again and receive the gift of God, eternal life. The book is about eternal life. It starts by telling us where you are in life, why you act the way you act, and why the world is the way it is. You have no control over that. The only thing that you have control over is your decision to obey God.”

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