The advantages of practicing mindfulness are widely acknowledged and well-researched. As a result, more and more people are interested in trying it, and many even attempt to meditate regularly. However, some individuals may find it challenging. Although meditation can be beneficial when uncomfortable thoughts and feelings arise, it can feel impossible to let go of thoughts when our mind is racing simply or we experience painful sensations in our body.

Inspiring author, spiritual advisor, and ordained minister Nancy Kimes created a book about meditation, including its process and the basic steps to make it easier. Titled Entering the Temple of Light: Chambers That Open Your Heart, Nancy shared her insights on inspiration and healing in a radio interview with presenter Kate Delaney on America Tonight

Nancy’s book’s meditations have illustrations that promise to help its readers connect and feel the process. It promises readers to gain an inner reflection, which will show them who they are; wisdom, which will help them make better choices and decisions; and healing, which includes personal stories that will give them insights toward self-healing.

Inspiration, Meditation, And Healing

At the onset of her interview with Kate Delaney, Nancy shared the significance of meditation in her life and what led her to the path of helping others. According to Nancy, meditation allows her to stay centered and dissolve some of her thoughts, including the challenges in her life. She recognized how some people have difficulty on their meditation journey. Hence, she wrote the book for those who are beginning their meditation and those who want to expand it.

“I often find, and I know there are many books out there on meditation,” said Nancy, “and I wanted to really narrow it down because about 50% of the population…They feel things. They sense things. And the other 50, they really have a hard time quieting…

“I just want to say to those people and everyone, that is listening, it’s not about that. It’s about letting go of control and allowing the process to happen in meditation.”

In Entering the Temple of Light, Nancy gives vital instructions on how her readers can start meditating through simple steps, as these are potent means of returning to the basics in a world that is getting more complex. 

“Just very simple steps because we don’t live in a simplistic world, especially nowadays. And we need to get back. We need to get back to the basics. And meditation really, really helps,” she said.

Love: The Greatest Tool for Inner Reflection

In Nancy’s book, readers are directed into the “Temple of Light,” leading them to chambers that speak to their hearts and souls. Nancy refers to love as the number one tool for inner reflection, which readers will gradually go through as they build their steps in the meditation process. 

“So, you know, love is extremely important, as well as learning to love yourself, forgiveness, and healing: vibration, sound, energy, and mirrors. Now, mirrors, that’s amazing because when you go to, say, a circus and there’s a fun house there and you’re going through mirrors, you see all of these reflections of who you are, and sometimes it’s hard to find your way out. And you want to look at it as all those reflections are part of you. And it’s accepting, you know, accepting what is going on. And before you know it, those mirrors, you will find your way out. You will maneuver. And this is what meditation is about,” Nancy said. 

Nancy highlighted the role of acknowledging one’s inner self and inner voice to reflect on one’s essential and primary parts of life. She encourages people to learn and be patient, citing that it’s all about the process. Not the destination. 

“It’s about the process because if you work with the process, you’re going to get to the destination eventually,” Nancy stressed. 

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Gain an inner reflection, which will show you who you are; wisdom, which will help you make better choices and decisions; and healing with Entering the Temple of Light: Chambers That Open Your Heart by Nancy Kimes. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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Note: There really was not enough time to cover excerpts about all of the chambers you would experience to help discern or integrate how each chamber is important in aligning or mirroring one’s true self. This book is meant to be a vehicle in which one can comfortably express, find, and accept who they truly are.