The Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) is a field operating agency that reports to the Inspector General’s Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. Its main objective is to offer professional investigative services to commanders of all Air Force activities. AFOSI agents are responsible for identifying, investigating, and neutralizing threats to Air Force and Department of Defense personnel and resources. America is blessed to have the men of AFOSI in service. 

In an up-close interview with award-winning host Kate Delaney of “America Tonight,” former airman of the United States Air Force Ray Acuña talked about his book Guardians of Air Force Resources and work, including what it was like to be a U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations as a special agent. His book is perfect for those who aspire to serve the safety of the American nation, especially those who belong to the Air Force community. 

An Amusing and Inspirational Service

One of Ray’s career highlights is meeting former U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, famous for his initials LBJ and also a Texan.

“I was very fortunate to be part of the Honor Guard. I was standing next to the reviewing stand where President Johnson was giving his speech,” Acuña recalled. “And he walked by and stopped, and he looked at my name, and he very correctly said, ‘Where are you from, Acuña?’ And I said, ‘San Antonio, Texas, Sir.’ And he said, ‘Put it there, fellow Texan,’ Ray added. 

Ray was grateful for the experience and shared that he was photographed with President LBJ, featured in a magazine. “There’s one of the pictures that shows me standing in front of the President when he stopped to talk to me,” he shared. 

In 1973, he was chosen as a special agent in the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) and attended the OSI Academy. He served in this role until his retirement in 1987.

Kate asked Ray to talk about his experience in the academy, which the author later described as positive and rewarding. 

“For me, it was the most rewarding experience I ever had. It was like something that every law enforcement person feels attending any one of the academies. Just like the FBI Academy, agents go through the same similar curriculum as the agents do in the Air Force. So it was exciting for me, very exciting,” Ray stated. 

A Story of an Outstanding Guardian of the U.S Air Force 

Guardians of Air Force Resources is a book that presents condensed accounts of various criminal cases in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Each chapter summarizes real-life incidents, and author Ray Acuña shares interesting tidbits he encountered during his investigations. 

In his conversation with Kate, Ray shared what he hoped people could get from his book. 

“The takeaway from the book is that people can understand, especially the Air Force community, that there are people that can be contacted to report any type of crime against the Air Force. The special agents really become the guardians of Air Force resources,” Ray Acuña shared. 

Readers will find themselves inspired and amazed by the book’s contents, particularly Ray’s experiences. 

In 1961, Mr. Ray Acuña joined the U.S. Air Force and served two combat tours in Vietnam in 1965. During his time there, he was fortunate enough to meet Lyndon B. Johnson, the first U.S. president to visit a combat zone, who referred to them as “fellow Texans” during their conversation.

After returning home, Mr. Acuña continued his Air Force career and earned an Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice. Ray worked in an Army installation in law enforcement as the Deputy Provost Marshal until his retirement in 2011. After fifty years of government service, Mr. Acuña and his wife, Roselia, reside in Texas. 

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