An alcohol habit can be a challenging and drawn-out process. It might even seem impossible at times. No matter how much one drinks or how helpless one feels, if a person is ready to stop and prepare to obtain the help they need help, they can change their relationship with alcohol. Furthermore, anyone can change at any time; a person doesn’t have to wait until they’ve reached their lowest point.   With God, nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37).  A journey with God is a journey of a lifetime. It may not be free from tears but it will be a road to renewal and joy.

Many resources, books, programs, and therapy sessions are available to help people to stop drinking. Rose Ann Forte’s “The Plans He Has For Me: A 12-Week Daily Devotional for Freedom from Alcohol” is an excellent example of a material for those who want to begin a life-changing voyage without alcohol, or at least test the process with a 12 week challenge. The book can assist anyone in starting the path to a new relationship with alcohol right away, whether their goal is to stop drinking for a short time or permanently. Inspiring author Rose Ann Forte sat with Kate Delaney on “America Tonight” to tell her story of how her twelve-week plan works in a brief yet profound radio interview.

A Mission of Giving and Spreading Hope

Before working on her book, Rose Ann was a C-Suite executive and ministry leader in the church. A party focused life, a stressful marriage with four children and balancing life’s many responsibilities led her to drink heavily over the years. Rose Ann eventually felt like a fraud before God and the church. She had already submitted to God and refused to call herself an alcoholic, so deep inside her, Rose Ann felt that AA was not an option for her. Rose Ann clarified that she doesn’t discredit AAs’ validity, for it has changed countless lives. It just wasn’t the best program for her.

Rose Ann participated in a coaching program to abstain from alcohol for three months when COVID-19 hit. Her encounter had a profoundly transformative effect on her, and she saw how God’s guidance had been woven throughout the whole thing. Through this approach, she was liberated from the psychological shackles of her habit. She recognized the things that alcohol had stolen from her life and realized that God had something better in mind for her.

For people to experience God’s promises through scriptural education with hope and a better plan for the future, Rose Ann felt compelled to record what she learned through a daily devotional. At the onset of the interview, Kate Delaney asked her why she decided to write her book. Rose Ann explained that the book is a reflection of her walk. “I am a person that kind of drank for a variety of reasons, reasons that society tells you should drink…I found a coaching program, a secular coaching program that changed and transformed my life… That’s how it came about,” Rose Ann shared. Rose Ann also highlighted the power of choice in one’s recovery. “I’m choosing to be alcohol-free because it’s a much better way to live,” Rose Ann said.

The program worked so well for Rose Ann, it inspired her to start working with the organization that helped her transform.   She met several Christians enrolling in the program and started to connect the importance of the biblical wisdom behind the program.   Leading people to unleash the best version of themselves with the help of the Holy Spirit then became Rose Ann’s mission – a mission of giving and spreading hope to those who need it.

It’s a Neurological Habit, not a Character Flaw

In her radio interview with Kate Delaney, Rose Ann explained that one of the takeaways readers will gather from the book is about rewiring their brains. She discussed with Kate that there’s a science-based approach to it. 

“God designed our brains to be efficient… that’s why we can go to and from work even without realizing we did that. The same way good habits can be stored in our subconscious mind, bad habits can get trapped there too. What we are working on is creating a new neural pathway,”

Rose Ann  cited that following the program might not be easy initially because of the substance part of it, but after that, it’s about practicing and developing those new and healthy habits. It is also the reason for the twelve-week time frame in her book.   It takes that long to really see the fruits of a habit change.

The book highlights that it will become abundantly clear throughout these twelve weeks why God has a better plan for them once this habit is broken. Readers can connect with the person He created them to be. Get to know Rose Ann and her works more by visiting her website: and download the free “Kickstart video for alcohol freedom” to get her best advice around successfully navigating an alcohol free journey.

Discover a brand-new way of knowing God’s plan. Grab a copy of “The Plans He Has For Me: A 12-Week Daily Devotional for Freedom from Alcohol” by Rose Ann Forte on Amazon today.