The Bible and Christian experience says that when people meet God, they can confront Jesus honestly in conviction, confession, and repentance, and then they are forgiven. Encounters with God are frequently mentioned in the Bible and have occurred throughout human history., but when do people meet God? Is it when they finally laid their hands on the things they have been praying for or when the strongest storms of life test their faith, like when one has to serve jail time?

Unsurprisingly, Christianity should hold genuine appeal for those incarcerated—stories of prisoners who have reclaimed their faith while in jail are honest and inspiring. Conversion to Christianity offers prisoners a path to forgiveness and validates their human worth. Through transformation, prisoners can reinvent themselves as Christians worthy of God and entrance into the kingdom of heaven.

Christian author Shannon Teichmann sat with Kate Delaney on “America Tonight” and shared how she met God while in jail.

Finding Faith and Meeting God Behind Bars

Shannon Teichmann previously worked as a professional librarian for fifteen years. She served four months in a Texas county jail after a second DWI conviction, wherein she began writing “Following Jesus into Jail” from a Christian testimony viewpoint.

When asked what she felt about being jailed for the first time, Shannon expressed how difficult the experience was for her. “It cost me almost everything. I had to resign from my job; I was a professional librarian. I was given a year in county jail in Texas,” Shannon answered.

“It was hard because first, you have the shame, the embarrassment, and guilt. I realized that all of these feelings are tied up in ego. It’s like a reverse effect of having an ego, but I still had too much ego,” Shannon added.

Shannon also shared how her daily prayer in jail allowed her to listen to God. She said, “I felt like Jesus was telling me you need to humble yourself, walk very humbly, so I relinquished the feelings of shame and guilt because I did turn my life over to Him. And was letting Him work through me.”

Despite experiencing her fair share of challenges while incarcerated, Shannon believes that the experience helped her become a strong Christian. She explained how and why she decided to write her book. “I wrote the book because I felt like the Holy Spirit inspired me to write it to help others. I was asking God and praying when I knew I was going to jail, what he can do or what should I do to turn the problem take the mistake I made, and turn it into something positive,” Shannon said.

Shannon added that she also hoped to share God’s light and love with the other women she was with within the county jail. She wants her book to become a testimony of God’s love.

Seeking God and Embracing Christianity

In her radio interview with Kate Delaney, Shannon said a psychic mother raised her. She explained that it was one of the reasons why she quickly lost her way with God even before she succumbed to alcoholism.

“I had no real relationship with the true living God. I was born and raised into a cult,” Shannon shared. She also talked about embracing Christianity as a miracle because she only became a Christian at forty-eight. It was a complex process but a rewarding one.

Currently, Shannon is employed with The Salvation Army. She is working on her second book and also planning her third. She is interested in jail ministry and is also an artist, occasionally completing commissions for her clients.

“Following Jesus into Jail” by Shannon Teichmann is more than just a life story; it is a reminder that to meet with God is not only to hear his words in the Bible but to follow His path through words and actions.

Discover an uplifting story of meeting God and knowing His excellent plans by reading “Following Jesus into Jail.” The book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Take advantage of Shannon Teichmann’s interview with Kate Delaney on ReadersMagnet’s official YouTube channel.