When work and family life overlap, it can be challenging to strike a balance. Your family’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being should be a part of your top priorities. It can be complicated to raise a family when you are working against a busy schedule. The convenience of fast food consumption makes it crucial to instill a healthy lifestyle among your family members, especially young ones. A balanced and active lifestyle can support maintaining a healthy weight. In addition, it also plays a significant role in avoiding lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. 

It could be challenging to find time to lead a healthy lifestyle. However, the good news is that a few lifestyle adjustments can result in healthy and sustainable routines. The secret is to start small. You don’t have to do everything simultaneously to get fit; consider the process a beautiful journey with your family. 

Mother and pediatrician Dr. Theresa Y. Wee knows the relevance of encouraging cooperation among one’s family when it comes to staying healthy. As she navigates life as a mother of four children and a full-time working doctor, she has learned to keep her family in shape. In her book, The Happy Healthy Revolution: The Working Parent’s Guide to Achieve Wellness as a Family Unit, she shares tips, tricks, and secrets to maintaining lifelong healthy changes for the whole family. Her book teaches simple steps to help families make small, achievable changes that can add significant results. It includes setting and achieving individual and family fitness goals and making meals healthier and more satisfying. 

Dr. Wee had an exclusive interview with award-winning host Kate Delaney on “America Tonight,” where she imparts a valuable guide on how family members can work together to stay healthy and happy. 

Working Together as a Team Towards a Healthier Tomorrow 

Before achieving wellness within her family, Dr. Wee suffered from depression. In the past, her demanding career made it a challenge to keep her whole family healthy. There was a time when her family was not exercising enough and eating well. Dr. Wee felt they needed to do something about their situation and called for her family’s attention to work together.

“My whole theory and the way I solve this problem is I had to sit down with my husband and my four kids and say, ‘Okay guys, I can’t do this by myself. We need to work as a family.’ So to me, the reason why I think that my idea has caught on is we need to go back as a family unit and really reconnect and work together as a team. It’s always better together as a team,” Dr. Wee shared. 

Dr. Wee also believes that it is essential for the whole family to communicate, cooperate, and sit down as a family. She highlights the importance of reconnecting, turning off the screens, looking at each other in person, and choosing healthy options. For instance, a family can make walking together a daily habit by setting a specific time and date. 

Healthy Meals for the Whole Family

In her radio interview with Kate Delaney on “America Tonight,” Dr. Wee also shared some crucial insights into encouraging cooperation among children by providing an example of good nutrition and activity. According to her, kids can help prepare and choose healthier meals for the whole family. One exciting trick Dr. Wee does is sit down with weekly food ads and ask her children to identify and make a list of the produce in season or in a sale. 

“I would actually take them shopping. We’d come home. They would help me unpack, wash the fruits, help me cook. Or the other thing we did is we actually grew little cherry tomatoes or green onions. And I got them involved in the whole process. So that’s one way of eating a little bit healthier,” Dr. Wee said. 

Another remarkable tip provided by Dr. Wee is to alter fast food meals to healthier meals. “You can actually go and buy a McDonald’s, like, say, the hamburger only. Bring it home. But then you can pour the milk. You can add your lettuce, tomato. You can add a green salad. You can add a fruit for dessert,” she shared. 

A Passion for a Happy and Healthy Revolution

Dr. Wee remains passionate about helping families stay healthy and her book encourages parents to be role models for their children. For the past 9 years, she has also been conducting a free Saturday walking event under her non-profit program called “Walk with a Doc- Oahu”.  She welcomes people of all ages and fitness levels and starts each event with a new health tip, warm-up, then 45 minutes of walking, followed by a cool down and fruit refreshments. The “Walk with a Doc” program began in 2005 in Columbus, Ohio by Cardiologist, Dr. David Sabgir and it has grown into an international program in 35 countries with almost 600 walking groups worldwide. 

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