The Bible contains accounts of supernatural encounters that instantly brought about life-changing transformations. For instance, a man who had been waiting for years at the pool of Bethesda was healed after encountering Jesus. It shows that being in the presence of the Lord has the power to change everything. 

In real life, one can experience an encounter with God when they have a spiritual mindset and are facing a problem. Such encounters can result in various experiences like visions and overwhelming feelings of love or deep emotion. People like author Victoria Udo have had these encounters report increased faith, a sense of healing, and peace. 

Victoria founded Life Bridges International, a vehicle to bless school children worldwide. She discovered peace is a fundamental human need, and she found this peace in Jesus. Her interactions with people from different continents have shown that peace, love, and trust cannot be bought with money.

Her book The God I Know: Amazing Supernatural Encounters with Jesus chronicles the remarkable story of a fatherless child in Africa who experienced divine protection during the tumultuous Biafran War. Victoria talked about the war she survived and how God showed His love and mercy in a radio interview on Kate Delaney’s radio program America Tonight

Growing Up with God’s Mercy

Victoria Udo is a Nigerian-born American who earned her first degree in chemistry from the University of Ife. She has faced numerous challenges in her life, including the illness of her children. Victoria firmly believes in the power of prayer, which she has experienced firsthand, as evidenced in her book. 

When asked what inspired her to write her book, The God I Know, Victoria explained the joy of sharing the power of prayers with other people.  

“Because I knew it would bless people. It’s people who pray. It would bless the people who don’t know there is a God, and they are looking. It will bless the people who get discouraged by the problems of life. I knew that this book will be a blessing, so I had to write,” she said. 

Victoria is still on life’s journey and aspires to inspire others to seek spiritual fulfillment daily. It’s essential to be grateful for all of life’s experiences, good or bad, because God can turn them all into something positive.

Experiencing God’s Miracles

Victoria detailed some of the miraculous events in her life with Kate. From saving her from a snake bite to sexual harassment, Victoria thanks the Lord for saving her countless times. Apart from surviving the tumultuous Biafran war, Victoria detailed how she escaped death, highlighting God’s power and the role of prayers.  

“I went with my family to help us. And I did not know that there was a family that was at war with a certain woman who drove my kind of car, a station wagon. And I had just changed the color of the car from white to green, exactly her color. And then the soldiers were paid, they were there aiming. I saw people aiming guns, like three of them. 

And I said, are you looking for some animal? Not knowing that they were about to shoot me. And God helped me with a Bible verse. And I said, by my God, I run through a troop. By my God, I leap over a wall. And I got into the car with the girls, and we drove. That’s how, but they still shot. I have the mask because I hit my mouth on the steering wheel. But God delivered me,” Victoria narrated. 

Building and Sharing a Life with God

Along with her husband Dr. Okon Udo and the rest of her family, Victoria strives to help others through Life Bridges Inc., a public charity (non-profit) organization that seeks to motivate and empower school children in Africa and in the United States. 

“We use it as a platform with my husband to um give to poor children. We sponsor the children back in Nigeria. I have also been to Botswana. We sponsor the children and encourage them, give school supplies. We give books and stationery, and then we give food,” Victoria shared. 

Victoria expressed her gratitude to those who make the non-profit organization possible. She is thankful for the chance to help others through it, including how it gave her the excellent opportunity to make some friends. 

Be inspired with The God I Know: Amazing Supernatural Encounters with Jesus. The book illustrates Psalm 23, “… Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me…”. It shows how God cared for a fatherless child in Africa through His love and infinite mercies.  Victoria Udo’s book is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Don’t miss her radio interview with Kate Delaney on ReadersMagnet’s official YouTube channel.