We have numerous relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and partners. But often, we need to remember to prioritize our relationship with ourselves. To embark on a journey of personal growth and learn to manage challenges, we must honor and nurture ourselves. The good news is that we can continually cultivate self-love, which means taking care of our needs and not sacrificing our well-being to please others.

If you have experienced childhood trauma, you may believe your wounds can never be healed. You might feel unworthy of making a change and instead place more value on yourself based on how much you do for others. However, this approach will only lead to burnout, fatigue, isolation, and damaged relationships.

You need to feel energized and loved to give your best self to the world and others. Your needs and wants are essential, and it’s up to you to ensure they are fulfilled. Hone the skills to lead a fulfilling, authentic life through self-love with Wafaa Almahamid, MA. Psy.’s Self-Love Explained: Unlock Your Gateway to Happiness, Healthy Relations, and Financial Prosperity.

In her intimate interview in the syndicated radio program “America Tonight with Kate Delaney,” Wafaa talks about how to practice self-love and mindfulness when it comes to overcoming negative self-talk, among other brilliant matters that her book delves into. The book is perfect for anyone ready to embrace life in a new perspective, welcoming love and a fresh start to all things good.

The Importance of Self-Love

The award-winning host Kate Delaney was thrilled to ask Wafaa on the author’s corner of her show. Author Wafaa has an architectural background; her highest qualification is a master’s degree in psychology. She experienced many challenges and hardships along her life journey and had to work hard to improve her self-love and confidence. She shares her experience with others through her book on self-love, hoping to make their path easier. 

Wafaa believes we’re all connected and that helping others is the key to helping ourselves. This is what prompted her to write Self-Love Explained, a book on self-love. 

“When I started my self-love journey, I struggled to find information online. There were a lot of scattered pieces of information, but nothing solid for me to look at and understand what that meant. So that motivated me at the end of this time to write this book about self-love from A to Z that has everything explained, everything that you need to know about self-love and how to pursue it,” she said. 

According to Wafaa, self-love is the center of everything, noting that it is a holistic approach to self-care, self-esteem, self-value, and confidence. She explained that if people have all that, they contribute to their self-love. Wafaa added that having no or not practicing self-love affects a person’s self-esteem. 

“It will affect how you look at yourself, value yourself, and take care of yourself. And that’s an essential part of us to function healthily throughout our lives. We are not kidding. Okay, it really is A to Z,” she explained. 

Practicing Self-Love

When asked how a person can practice self-love, Wafaa cited four key things to manifest or embody, including being in tune with one’s wants, needs, and emotions as the most important thing. Establishing boundaries is also one of the things she highlighted, explaining its necessity even when it comes to a person’s closest friends or family members. Wafaa added mindfulness and being responsible to her list, adding that the four are essential in establishing goals and growing as a person.

During the interview, Wafaa also touched on healing one’s inner child. “In the book, there’s a couple of sections there talking about that healing your inner child because your inner child stays with you, you know, throughout your life and healing. It is important for all of us to heal not only from, like, you know, trauma in the past, but also to help you get on your feet and understand what was going on,” she said. 

Self-Love Explained is a guide to help readers lead an authentic life with fulfilling relationships. Wafaa hopes her readers will have a deeper understanding of self-love and take part in it to help them with their journey. Jumpstart your journey towards self-love and a happier love with Wafaa Almahamid, MA. Psy.‘s Self-Love Explained: Unlock Your Gateway to Happiness, Healthy Relations, and Financial Prosperity, available on Amazon