Patricia Mitola, author of the Christian nonfiction book Religion or Relationship (Xulon Press; 2017), was featured on the most recent episode of America Tonight’s “Author’s Corner” with Kate Delaney. 

This book examines the difference between being religious and having a spiritual relationship with Jesus. It tells her enthralling life experience, emphasizing how God is ever-present and faithful to address even the most mundane of concerns. At the same time, she places a greater emphasis on free will and the mission of the Holy Spirit (with a few mentions of praying the prayer of salvation). 

Knowing Patricia, and her approach to Christianity

Patricia’s present concern for Christians is to understand the difference between being religious and having a relationship with the Holy Spirit. “I want people to know that religion is not just hick knowledge,” she said in an interview. She explained that Christianity is about life; it’s about a spiritual life that continues after we’re gone.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Patricia Mitola.

She grew up in a religious home as far as believing that there is a God and went to church every Sunday morning. She believed in God; she believed that we should live a certain lifestyle and follow the ten commandments. However, having a personal relationship with God involves allowing the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, the Holy Bible, to guide your life and direct the decisions you make.

What can people do to have this relationship?

“You surrender your life to the Lord and his will and let him or invite him to be the leader of your life. The desire to have him in charge of your life, your choices, where you live, what you do. He will be with you through the whole thing. That’s your choice.” Patricia explained how she invited God into her life through the Holy Spirit.

“This is how we have a personal relationship with him because we invite Him into our lives. The Holy Spirit comes in, lives in us, through us, as much as we asked him to. The Lord God does not take control of our life unless we want him to, and when we want him to, he’s there, and the Holy Spirit lives inside of us when we invite Christ to be our Savior and accept Him as the Master of our life.” she told Kate.

Will you find peace if God enters your life?

“Absolutely, I never really had a relationship with the Holy Spirit in my life until I graduated college and got married,” said Patricia, who was taught by her mother-in-law to let God into her life, and she did, which has been such a blessing ever since. “It’s a whole decent life,” she added, “Where you grow because you understand more and because of the personal relationship you have with God, the Creator who is in control of all in this universe.”

“And in all these years, how rewarding was it to pass on this message?” Kate asked.

“Well, I would never change it. It means everything (to me). No matter what I want to do, however, I want to spend my money, how I want to spend my time is always in relation to being led by the Holy Spirit.” Patricia said.

“My life is in the Lord’s hands. He knows what I don’t know and makes sure I’m in the right place,” she added.