Here is ReadersMagnet’s list of recommended Political Thrillers to start the year 2021.

The Terminal List by Jack Carr

Jack Carr is a former Navy SEAL and author of best selling novels whose themes revolve around political and military thrillers. One of his famous works is The Terminal List. It follows the story of Lieutenant Commander James Reece, who discovers that the United States government is the one responsible for the death of his team as well as the entire aircrew sent in to rescue them. He learns of the said conspiracy when his family is murdered on the day of his homecoming. With nothing left to lose, Reece is now out for vengeance. He must use all the skills and cunning that the government taught him to destroy those in power responsible for his comrades and family’s death. Terminal List is a power-packed political-action thriller that is almost based on reported events.

The American Coup by Greg Van Arsdale

Spy stories always make for a great political thriller. The 2017 political thriller American Coup by Van Arsdale is about a Central Intelligence Agency rookie Chuck Taylor. Taylor finds himself in a deep web of lies and conspiracy involving an assassination plot against the United States president. His hell begins on his first assignment delivering a top-secret letter to a field operator. When the operator tries to kill him, Chuck defends himself and kills the said assassin. His superior then declares him a traitor. Wanted and with orders to be shot on sight, Taylor must turn to his only ally, Lisa Fontaine, to find the truth about all these similar letters assigning assassins to kill the top executives of the U.S. government. American Coup is a powerhouse read and is just one of the several Chuck Taylor and Lisa Fontaine thrillers by Greg Van Arsdale.

The Killer Collective by Barry Eisler

The Killer Collective is a 2019 John Rain and Livia Lone political mystery thriller from Best-selling novelist Barry Eisler. When sex-crimes detective Livia Lone barely escapes an assassination attempt, she turns to her friend Dox, a former Marine sniper, for help. Lone has been investigating an international child pornography ring. She also believes that some elements in the FBI are the ones responsible for her hit. The hit had been offered to a retired assassin named John Rain. Determined to uncover the truth and neutralize the threat involving assassins and black ops soldiers, Lone must trust her instincts and not trust anyone. The Killer Collective is a thriller that will take you to Japan, Paris, Seattle, and Washington DC, to the heart of a complex conspiracy.

The Treadstone Ressurection by Robert Ludlum

We are all familiar with Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne and the Treadstone conspiracy. Well, guess what? Treadstone is back, but not with the famous super-spy. In 2019, Joshua Hood released Robert Ludlum’s The Treadstone Ressurection. It is part of a brand-new book series inspired by the Bourne universe and of the Treadstone narrative. This time the story follows Adam Hayes. His training with the CIA Black Ops program destroyed his family and almost destroyed his life. Determine to start all over again, Hayes leaves the program and tries to live a quiet life as a carpenter. But it seems Treadstone is not yet done with him as he receives a mysterious email from a former colleague and is attacked shortly after by a team of hitmen. The Treadstone Ressurection is the start of a new high-octane thriller that will surely delight Robert Ludlum fans worldwide.

Executive Order by Max Allan Collins

Max Allan Collins is known for his many mystery bestsellers, including the Reeders and Rodgers trilogy. In 2017, Collins released the last book of the trilogy titled Executive Order. The book follows a series of thrilling events starting with four CIA agents’ deaths on foreign soil (Eastern Europe). Not even the United States president has any clue who sent the agents and why they are dead. In Washington, the Secretary of State dies of an apparent allergic shock. However, details suggest it was murder. Patti Rogers and Joe Reeders start their respective investigations, but the more they get closer to the trail, the more they realize that they are in a middle of a high-stake conspiracy. They agreed that to solve the mystery, they must protect the president and each other. Executive Order is the latest edge-of-your-seat thriller from one of the most successful mystery writers in recent memory.