Everyone wants their work to be meaningful or have a purpose, but how do you make it happen? What practical steps can you take immediately or this month to ensure you’re working on a project you truly care about?

Everyone has had that moment when they hear a voice screaming, “This is not the proper path for me! It’s always challenging to realize that you want to be doing something entirely different, whether it concerns a relationship, a habit, a location, or a profession. You may take specific actions to make a significant transition simpler, particularly regarding your job.

If you identify yourself as someone seeking hard-won wisdom to help you launch the career or business of your dreams, reading “A Great Fit: My Take on Confidence, Charisma, and the Career That Suits You Best” by Tom Murry must be on your to-do list.

Taking the First Step

One needs to have a significant motivational focus when choosing or changing a career path. Individuals must understand their goals as they tailor the life they want to lead. It is the first step in turning visions into realities. In “A Great Fit,” Tom Murry talks about his journey from working in an oil rig to being a c-suite executive. The book was featured in The New York Times Magazine last August 29, 2022.

Murry’s debut book, divided into twenty-six chapters, imparts valuable tips for goal-focused professionals. From dealing with creative geniuses to mastering a new skill, the book is brimming with proven and practical information that will help someone design a Calvin Klein suit kind of life –  legendary and carefully-considered.

“A Great Fit” puts its readers at a vantage point that provides a clear coup d’œil of world-renowned fashion mavens and compelling runways. Another significant point in the book is Murry’s takeaways on the qualities that a good leader must possess. The book does not serve as a how-to guide; instead, it is a thoughtful and uncomplicated look at the skills that enabled Murry to succeed in his chosen field. Think of it as Murry’s early fun, informative, and inspirational holiday gift.

Becoming Tom Murry

Murry’s 42-year career in the apparel industry has a humble beginning. Before catapulting big companies to new heights, he used to maintain two jobs. As a high school student, Tom worked in men’s stores. After finishing his degree in psychology and marketing from Oklahoma State University in 1973, Tom worked for Head Sportswear, College Town, Inc., Interstyle, and Tahari, Ltd.

During Calvin Klein’s massive growth and success, Tom Murry served as the company’s CEO for seventeen years. He considers his chance to work with Calvin Klein, whom he describes as the most brilliant, talented, devoted, and beloved creative genius of our time, as his most significant achievement. For Murry, the slow and consistent growth path is more effective regarding career development. He wants everyone to have the same career success as he has, regardless of their career, life stage, or interest in fashion.

In “A Great Fit,” Tom Murry shares his struggles and achievements along the route to becoming the leader of one of the most recognizable businesses in the world. He encourages his readers to get out and get exposure. Most significantly, they will learn from all the lessons he acquired along the way in life.

If you’re adamant about finding the career that makes you enthusiastically jump out of bed each morning, “A Great Fit: My Take on Confidence, Charisma, and the Career That Suits You Best” by Tom Murry must be written just for you. Grab a copy of the book today on Amazon.