Hear the author speaks about the importance of going to the root source to effectively heal and move forward from life’s tragedies.  

Consultant and therapist Alma C. Lightbody appeared on the nationally syndicated radio program America Tonight with Kate Delaney. She talked about her book You’re Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self (iUniverse; 2012), as well as share tips on how one could bounce back from tragedies and become an authentic version of themselves. 

The book You’re Not the Boss of Me aims to guide readers free themselves from other people’s expectations and programming so they could take responsibility for their choices, find their truth about what really matters to them, and stand up for what they believe.

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring Alma Lightbody

A mission to help others become their bosses

Alma wrote You’re Not the Boss of Me from her experiences of going through relationship breakups, bankruptcy, and health issues, and even taking a wrong turn in her life. She later experienced a deep inner awakening and looked into energy medicine to heal herself and change her life. 

While learning under different teachers and mentors to learn how to use energy medicine to heal and better understand herself, she found her mission is life in helping others rise from their tragedies and become their authentic selves. 

Through her book You’re Not the Boss of Me, Alma hopes to equip readers with the tools and strategies to let go of their excess baggage to discover their authentic selves separated from the expectations of and thought control by others and society. The author makes use not of only her background and experience to deliver her points but also insights and stories from her patients. 

How did the book receive such a title? Alma tells Kate:

It just seemed like it was the perfect title to help people. I find that often people are controlled by opinions, imprints, and all the things they learned as a child going to school. 

They’re not themselves. They are what they’re told they are, what they should do, what they can do, and then they end up being ill because they’re harboring other people’s imprints and they don’t know what their own are. 

For Alma, these imprints are the excess baggage that people carry in life. People have been long accustomed or wired to follow someone else’s dream, spent their life trying to please others, and live up to their expectations. In doing so, they have lost their voice. People have been held back by agendas and patterns, some of which are racial, religion, and genetics. 

“We live in a world in which we’re controlled by agendas, patterns, imprints, and opinions of others as they paint a picture of our developing personality,” said Alma. “When you live according to someone else’s agenda or opinion, it’s hard on you and eats away at your body. 

“My book is a self-help book to work through some of those imprints.”

How can people shed excess baggage and imprints that are burdening them? Alma advised, “People have to go back to the source of where these imprints happen to heal themselves as they move forward,” 

So, in You’re Not the Boss of Me, Alma offers insights and strategies to help readers analyze their life and decide and start on their journey to shed the heaviness that isn’t theirs. It’s important that one goes back to the root cause or source of their issues to understand why it had happened. From there, they can figure out the next course of action. 

Alma did acknowledge that not all imprints are bad but advised readers to find out who they are and identify what imprints to shed and what imprints to keep. She leaves it up to the readers to decide on their journey towards healing. 

“You’re worth the work and you have to trust that you’re worth the work and do it. Somebody else can’t fix you. A fortuneteller can’t fix you, now even doctors.”

Readers can purchase Alma C. Lightbody’s book You’re Not the Boss of Me: Discover Your Authentic Self in either print or digital format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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