The author guested on the radio program to affirm his point that “the Bible was not written in English.”

David Murdoch, the author of The Bible was not Written in English: How Church Traditions Have Kept Us in the Dark (WingSpan Press; 2015) appeared on the nationally syndicated radio program America Tonight hosted by Kate Delaney. 

David Murdoch appears on America Tonight

In his radio interview with host Kate Delaney, Murdoch, who is an avid student of the Bible for most of his life, shared the reasons that led him to publish The Bible was not Written in English. He was encouraged by a friend to write some of the things they had discussed over the last 10 years. This experience helped him build up his publishing skills for the second book. 

His publisher sent the manuscript for the second book to a seminary professor in Colorado, who called him through landline to ask about his findings. After several minutes of exchanging views back and forth and going through their copies of Strong’s Exhaustive Bible Concordance, the seminary professor told Murdoch he had learned more Bible during their hour-long conversation than throughout his entire life. He was shocked that he didn’t know what Murdoch knew despite having a master’s degree and pastoring a church for years. “How is that possible?” asked the seminary professor. 

To which, Murdoch replied, “You were taught by people who loved you but you were basically taught the traditions of men. You were taught in English and you did not go back to the manuscripts.”

The professor ended up writing the foreword for Murdoch’s second book, Understanding God’s Plan.

It was his interaction with the seminary professor that motivated Murdoch to continue writing his book, which includes 1,200 scriptures that are either quoted or referred to. He told Delaney, “When a person gets serious about learning to find out and learn about beyond, then God gets serious with him. It’s a two-way street, two-way conversation. You have a walking, talking relationship with your Creator. That’s really the motivation. 

“This book was written to really drive people into the Bible and into the manuscripts.”

What the book is all about? 

The book The Bible was not Written in English is not just a book title but a statement of truth. In fact, the Bible was written not in English but in the original languages of Hebrew and Greek. Also in some ways, the title sums up the author’s spiritual and Biblical convictions and his fierce devotion to the Bible. 

Murdoch contends, “Many of the troubles in people’s lives happen as a result of poor Bible knowledge.” Indeed, the Bible’s true meaning and teachings got lost in the mistranslations from the original languages to English. And confusion compounds when people place church traditions above the Bible and pastors teach the traditions of men rather than scripture. 

America Tonight with Kate Delaney featuring David Murdoch.

So, by publishing the book The Bible was not Written in English, Murdoch hopes to clear up the confusion and whet up the readers’ appetite for the Bible in the original languages. He sends the message that when searching the Bible, it’s better to search in Hebrew and Greek rather than English. That way, they could under that the Bible is the inspired direct revelation of God to man – only in the original languages. 

For more information about David Murdoch’s The Bible was not Written in English: How Church Traditions Have Kept Us in the Dark, you can visit his website