Leelia Carolyn Cornell is the author of the spiritual memoir In the Shadow of God’s Love.

Spiritual memoirs are books that tackle about a person’s journey through faith. Each of us has a personal relationship with God. This spiritual bond takes us to various phases and moments in our lives. There are those who found God during the most troubling moment in their lives. Some have always known God as early as their childhood years. Others rediscovered their faith after a life-changing encounter. In the Shadow of God’s Love, a book by Leelia Cornell is a wonderful work about a woman’s journey and relationship with God. Let’s get to more about author Leelia Carolyn Cornell and her journey with God.

Leelia Carolyn Cornell

Leelia Carolyn Cornell was born in Marion, Indiana. As a child, she has always dreamed of one day writing her own book. Although she wrote her first story when she was still seven years old, wrote a play when she was ten, and created a novel when she was twelve, Leelia never really did give a serious thought about publishing a book. Growing up, she developed a love for poetry. She wrote poems and shared them with friends. Soon, a number of people noticed her talent and urged her to publish her poems.

Leelia Carolyn Cornell joined her high school newspaper. There, she met a good journalism teacher. She began writing feature articles. However, writing poems is something that came naturally to her. One day in 1996, she sat out to write a poem just for fun. But to her surprise, it came as a really good poem. Since then, Leelia Carolyn Cornell never stopped writing poems. She realized that she has the capacity to express her desires, emotions, as well as a deeper understanding of life through poetry. People who read her poems tell her that they understand the meaning of her poems. This, along with encouragement from friends and colleagues led her to finally write and publish her own book.

Aside from her poetry, Leelia Carolyn Cornell also wrote features for Hoosier Heritage Magazine for eleven years. Currently, she writes for White Top, a professional circus magazine with a worldwide circulation. 

It is also interesting to note that aside from being a poet and a write, Leelia Carolyn Cornell is also a historian and a traveler. Cornell has done musical historical programs, especially about Lincoln. She has traveled to all fifty states, five Canadian provinces, the Yukon Territory, four continents, and a mission trip to Asia. Leelia Carolyn Cornell also teaches a Bible study on the Hebraic understanding of scripture.

In the Shadow of God’s Love

In the Shadow of God’s Love is a memoir published in 2018. It features poetry and stories about Leelia Carolyn Cornell’s intimate relationship with God. The book is divided into two sections. The first part is composed of poems that talk about God’s presence in our everyday lives. These personal poems are mainly addressed to God. Leelia notes that God is always present. He is there in times of joy, sorrow, trials, triumphs, and even in funny moments.

The second part features the history of Cornell’s family and their relationship with God. In this section, Carolyn shares how her family encountered God and has been with them throughout many difficult situations. The stories reveal how God is central to her and her family across generations. Cornell also wrote poems about spending time with nature. God’s presence and love can also be found in the beauty of nature and His creations.

To more about Leelia Carolyn Cornell and her work, grab a copy of her book In the Shadow of God’s Love or visit her website today.