Len Stage’s literary journey is an inspiring story of a man who overcame insurmountable challenges through passion and imagination.

Len Stage is the author of the sci-fi novel The Brotherhood of the Wone. He developed dyslexia at a very young age and struggle with his condition for most of his childhood. Len was raised by his mother, who worked hard to provide for Len and their family. Len grew up without a father and had to work various jobs to provide for his family. He also took manual jobs, and never really thought of one day writing a book. 

His life changed when he met a teacher who taught him how to cope up with his condition and to manage his goals. Len Stage finished his studies and spent time learning modern computer technology. This allowed him to read more and developed a passion for writing. Soon after, Len Stage pursued his dream of writing stories. His book, The Brotherhood of the Wone, is inspired by a short story his younger son had written a few years back.

Len Stage is interested in science fiction stories and plans to publish more stories in the future, aside from his planned sequel for The Brotherhood of the Wone. He is married with three kids and is currently residing in North Idaho, near his birthplace.

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The Brotherhood of the Wone

The Brotherhood of the Wone is a science fiction adventure written by Len Stage. It follows the story of a young man named Lon. Lon lives quietly in a small town with his family. Though cordial and compassionate, he only interacts with a select people in his community. He earns a living as a handyman. He is a skilled mechanic and knows a great deal about electronics. Lon also works as an ambulance technician.

Lon’s quiet life is disturbed by a visit from an old acquaintance, Jean Conway. Jean Conway’s father owns the town museum. Jean had stumbled upon a strange piece of a Mayan priest’s robe from Belize. Jean, along with her husband Bill, are both well-connected in the field of archaeology. Yet Jean could not make sense or find any more details about the piece. She invites Lon to go with her to Belize as part of the expedition team. Little did Lon knew that what his life is about to change and that together with Jean, he will encounter one of the greatest forces ever known, and had been dormant for many centuries.

“Jean knew quite a bit about the Mayans and their religious practices. She said that judging from all the secrecy, deception, and the lack of any other references, those there were very important tombs indeed. As near as she could tell, they were the tombs of their most powerful priests. The only one who would know the location of the tombs was the next priest to take power.”– Excerpt from The Brotherhood of the Wone by Len Stage

Published in 2019, The Brotherhood of the Wone takes us to an extraordinary adventure filled with ancient magic, breath-taking discoveries, and a thrilling journey. It is a sci-fi journey that is not so common these days. Len Stage debut novel is reminiscent of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom but with a unique plot. For a sci-fi adventure book, The Brotherhood is light reading with balance details and character building. If you like magic, archaeology, and adventure, we recommend Len Stage’s The Brotherhood of the Wone.

In an interview, Len Stage expressed a possible sequel for the sequel of The Brotherhood of the Wone.