In a society that’s already hard-wired with technology and their amazing advancements, it’s easy to believe that print advertising and the rest of the world of print is dead and gone. However, there’s still a big chunk of the world’s population that relies on print and is keeping it alive. When it comes to book marketing, a lot of authors still believe that print ads still have the potential to bring in future buyers, create higher response rates, and bring long-lasting effects for their book.

So, is print really dead? Many would beg to differ. Safe to say, that aspect pretty much remains strong despite the steady existence of the modern and digital age. In fact, a lot of consumers collectively think that print will always remain relevant in the years to come.

Why? Simply because print advertising for book marketing comes with numerous advantages that bring a significant impact for your book in the long run. Here are some of the awesome benefits for print ads as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Helps Establish Your Brand

There’s a certain sense of respectability and trust that comes with print ads. It’s almost like its own form of art. Much effort and conceptualization are needed to effectively create an ad that hits the right spot. That’s why a lot of brands still believe in the power of ads.

For independent authors, their brand is their book. Through creating effective print ads, authors will have the opportunity to properly present and market their book to consumers and give it the kind of recognition it deserves.

Reaches Your Target Market Easily

Print ads allow authors to narrow down to their niche market. It gives them options to publish these ads to different media entities that cater to a specific type of audience. This way, you can easily place your ad strategically—sharing it with the right place at the right time and towards the right audience.

For example, if you’re marketing a guide for Christian ministry groups or a self-help book for a religious audience, you can purchase advertising slots in well-known Christian magazines. If you’re aiming for a general audience, authors can post ads in Publishers Weekly and the like. There’s definitely a lot of possibilities for print ads to reach its dedicated audiences if you just know where to look.

Credible and Tangible

If you see your own print ad in different media companies, it gives your book some credibility. It helps build respect, recognition, and legitimacy to your work. Unlike online ads, print advertising allows your potential readers to literally be in touch with what your book entails.

Plus, online ads always come with a danger of being ignored since it’s easy to skip and close ads a few seconds in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it gives better retention rates to your ads from the intended audience.

Gives You More Engagement

Did you know that audiences reading magazines or newspapers have better attention spans than those who see ads online? The modern age has significantly shortened the average human attention span. Therefore, it’s easy to retain audiences with print.

Besides that, print advertising has more receptive audiences since their attention is focused only on what’s in front of them. This allows them to absorb the information better and makes them easier to persuade.

Allows You to Be More Interactive

Of course, we’re not letting technology out of the picture just yet. The benefits of print ads are not just limited to its credibility and tangibility. It also gives brands, in this case, authors and their books, to have flexibility when it comes to promoting their product. And with book marketing, you would want to explore your options to make room for better return on investments.

That said, print ads can be used in your online marketing efforts. Other than purely using the ads online, authors can use print ads as the audiences’ gateway to whatever’s in store for them online. You can post links, share infographics, and utilize QR codes to make your ad more effective and well-rounded.

Print Advertising is Definitely Not Dead

In fact, it will surely live on. Putting things into perspective, using print marketing definitely remains a strong and competitive strategy to this day. If you’re looking to promote your book to its full potential, you’re definitely going to need a great partner in making things happen and ReadersMagnet Print Advertising services will surely give you a good start.