You probably have known by now that there are different kinds of editing but are not familiar with all of them. The common terms that you may have heard in the publishing community would be copyediting and proofreading. The mentioned kinds are the basic services that are done by professional editors, author-editors, and yourself. However, there are other services that you should know because they also play great and vital roles in your book journey — such as line editing.

Line editing pertains to the distinctive edit that is in the middle of the levels of developmental and copyediting. There are many professional editors that offer this service, such as Greg Van Arsdale’s line editing services. Moreover, when it comes to line editing, the expert will look into the choice of words and the strength of sentences used in a document. It will all revolve around trimming, adding, and enhancing. If you are interested in availing or personally do line editing, listed below are the benefits that you should know.

Improves the structures of your sentences

Sentence structure is the method of organizing sentences in a grammatically correct manner. It is essential in your writing because one mistake and the whole meaning of your sentence will be altered. When you opt to get your work line edited, you will be guaranteed that your sentences will have a strong foundation for clear idea and concept manifestation. All your fragment, run-on, and wrongly punctuated sentences will be changed with correct and powerful ones. The line editor will also have the power to rehash your sentences, some will be shortened while others will be extended to properly convey their meaning.

Enhances your content’s readability

The state of being clear and easy to read is the common definition of readability. Being able to maintain clarity in your work is important because it will make the readers understand the meaning and lesson that you are trying to tell them. Hence, it widens the opportunity that your targets will really dive into your work and keep engaging with it. Line editing will ensure you better readability because it eliminates parts of your masterpiece that are beating around the bushes, displaying wordiness, and having no concrete substance. When the editing is done, you can definitely see how decipherable and reader-friendly your piece becomes.

Creates a deeper meaning behind your work

A written work that doesn’t convey a powerful meaning will not make sense. The words that you have put together and the story that you created will never create much impact if you don’t hide a strong and essential meaning behind it. But when you start line editing, you can see your work from another angle and inject some substance into every part. Hence, your work will contain a deeper and more captivating message that will inspire, motivate, and encourage the readers to do the right and appropriate thing. The wisdom that you have conveyed will also make your patrons get attached to your content and look forward to more of your works.

Provides readers a better reading experience

What you should always put in mind while writing is your readers. You should capture their attention and taste. Apart from that, you should also give them a great reading experience. In that way, they will come back to you and keep reading your work — and probably your other writings. How can you provide this to your readers? Simple, give them a high-quality and captivating story with no errors in the sentences, grammar, and syntax. Thus, you should opt to line edit your work before publishing to ensure that the readers will continue diving into your work and turn every page with enthusiasm.