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This is a story of how a girl’s desire to please God (choosing His will for her life) puts her through trials and challenges.

The people of America watched in terror as the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, left nearly three thousand people without life in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, New York City, and Washington, D.C. Then, almost twenty years later, they watched with great sadness as the nation’s military mission in Afghanistan (which started less than a month after 9/11) came to a bloody and chaotic conclusion.

The enduring power of the September 11 attacks is evident: An astounding population of Americans who are old enough to remember the day and reminisce about what they were doing and where they were as they heard the news. Yet an increasing number of Americans have very little to no personal memory of that day because they were not born yet or were too young. 

For Yelena Borichevska, what happened on 9/11 is something she will carry for the rest of her life.  

She Let God Write Her Story

The book She Let God Write Her Story, authored by Yelena Borichevska, is a story of a girl who moved to the United States of America (U.S.A.) from Ukraine shortly after the 9/11 horror. It is Yelena`s life story after the 9/11 attack, a story of how a girl’s desire to please God (and choose His will for her life) engulfed her with challenges and trials of life.

In 200-plus pages and 17 chapters, the author demonstrates to her intended readers how they ought to live an authentic Christian life based on faith and devotion to the Word of God as contained in the Bible. The book was first published on February 14, 2022, via Christian Faith Publishing with ISBN-13: 9781685175238.

The first chapter shares the day Yelena and her family made a big move to settle in the United States, just two weeks after the destructive September 11 attacks in New York. For two (2) years, the family prepared for this day, which arrived on September 25, 2001. The following chapters will tell about the flights they had to go through and how they moved to America’s Vancouver, starting a brand new life in a foreign country. 

The book is a heartwarming narrative about a person’s journey and life, from being an immigrant girl excited to see her dreamland to a young lady finding her path in life. Later, she settles in a different country from the one she was born in. And what makes Lena’s narrative so engaging and moving is that God is at the center of her journey.

In this book, Yelena also pays homage to family, community, and friends, all playing a critical role in her journey. Next to God, her family is her most vital source of inspiration. Consequently, Yelena considers her friends, siblings, parents, and every person who touched her life as gifts from the most giving God.

About The Author

Author Yelena Borichevska was born and raised in Rivne, Ukraine; however, at age seventeen, she moved to the United States shortly after the horrific 9/11 attacks. Even in her prime years, Lena had already developed a solid faith in God. Author Yelena has always considered herself blessed exceedingly. 

She had to adjust though to a new life upon arriving in America. Later, she worked in local health care for more than ten years. She also runs a thriving real estate business. Yelena is more than grateful to God for giving her parents, who are God-fearing and God-loving.

Yelena has been married to her husband, Vitaliy, since 2008. They have a daughter named Ashley. She has two brothers, five sisters, thirteen nephews, and six nieces. Lena loves spending quality time with her family, being in nature, traveling, reading, rollerblading, and touching other people’s lives.

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