The genre of fantasy is vast. There are two kinds of fantasy: high, which features dragons that breathe fire and have names you can hardly pronounce, and contemporary, which is somewhat like our own but contains magic throughout.

There are lighter fantasy novels with fascinating magical settings and endearing creatures. There are darker fantasy stories with more intense aspects like magical battles, supernatural beings, depraved kings and queens, and the malicious use of magic.

Published earlier this year, “Blood of Deception: Plot Arising Book 1” by Vincent G. Bivona Jr. is a fantasy novel that will enthrall you and take you on a scary ride. The book won ReadersMagnet’s RMazing Bonanza S3 Level 2. It is filled with devastating imagery and hits all the right notes for fantasy fiction fans.

A Deviation from the Norm

Vincent G. Bivona Jr.’s approach to epic fantasy isn’t what you might expect from a swords-and-sorcery tale of monsters, dragons, and war. First, the “Blood of Deception” universe is more intense in terms of its blatant and straightforward description of bleakness and violence. Down to its last pages, the book uses a single tone. The book’s brilliance lies in its plot and characters.

Take, for example, Vincent’s choice of protagonist. In “Blood of Deception,” the primary plot revolves around a female character named Dak’tari, who some bookworms may consider an anti-hero. As you might expect, she has magical powers, which play a vital role in the book’s development. Like other prominent characters of a fantasy book, Vincent’s heroine is on a quest that will unmask the unexpected and delightful connections with other unlikely characters in the book.

Dak’tari was a child born of an alliance with darkness and raised in a citadel where murder and death were the only things allowed. Wickedness surrounds her until the day when her heritage accepts her. By that time, the dark lord will use her as an instrument to wreck destruction against the gods of Tamora. Long ago, the gods cast down the forgotten god. Dak’tari’s power will be his weapon of vengeance.

Thickening the book’s plot is an exciting group of characters, including humans, elves, and dwarfs, who venture into The Northern Waste to look into the allegations that a horde of monsters is gathering for an attack on Tamora. Soon enough, Dak’tari did not stay motionless. She eventually journeys into the realm of the dead with one goal: to annihilate the people who betrayed her beloved. Will Dak’tari grasp the vengeance she seeks? What fate does destiny prepare for her?

A Destiny Filled with Deception 

In Vincent’s book, readers won’t find complex words, characters, or narratives. The author also didn’t provide or suggest subliminal texts or chapters. Despite their absences, Vincent successfully crafted a fantastic world filled with captivating characters and a story you won’t be able to put down. He writes with magic that comes to life on the page.

While the storytelling in “Blood of Deception” stands in the middle of the road, it is fast-paced enough to open its readers’ minds to a new world. Author Vincent G. Bivona Jr. weaves a rich tapestry of metaphors about real, emotional issues that mirror those in the real world. This fierce and compelling novel draws from timeless lore to create a heroine who will endlessly fight for her loved ones while also trying to embrace her ultimate destiny.

“Blood of Deception: Plot Arising Book 1” encompasses vengeance, destiny, love, and deception themes. The book would be a fantastic gift for someone who loves devising a new breath of fantasy fiction. Learn more about Vincent G. Bivona Jr. by visiting his official website:

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