Are you looking for the best children’s book that entertains and teaches at the same time? Then, Good Night by Natalia Padilla would definitely suit your preferences.

Good Night is a children’s book written and illustrated by Natalia Padilla. It is available in both kindle and hardcover in Amazon under the children’s literature and literary fiction categories.

Kids in this generation tend to be captivated by the visual things showcased by gadgets and the internet. But, Good Night keeps up with the trend because it features a powerful yet straightforward story with excellent illustrations that can entice the target readers and the book worms beyond the set age range. It tells the story about a child’s dream and tackles the basic lessons that are essential in personal development, such as consonants, music, conjunctions, and more. Moreover, Natalia Padilla did a fantastic job in hitting the areas of improvement of her target readers by incorporating lessons that enhance their English speaking abilities.

The way the book was written is clever.  The author utilizes rhymes, which add up to the fun of the reading experiences. Readers, especially the younger ones, will easily recall the parts or the whole story because of the rhyming scheme and lyrical lines. Hence, it is a good technique that has something to do with the mnemonic, which is a tool that centers on a series of letters, concepts, or associations that helps people in remembering a particular thing.

Another remarkable thing in this book is the illustrations that Natalia personally created. The relevancy of the art style to the story and its prospects elevated its impact. Every page features an eye-catching illustration that mirrors the particular lines or parts of the story. The colors, from the book, cover to the pages until the drawings, complement one another. Hence, they definitely can compete with the attractiveness and enticing vibe that the modern world uses to appeal to the kids.

Let us not forget that the book is authored by Natalia Padilla, daughter of author and Christian black-belt martial artist John Padilla, who is only 12 years old. She also utilized her talents in illustrating to create a promising book. Suppose we use the expressive theory of literature. In that case, we can see some parts of the personal experiences of the young author, particularly on the 8th page of the book where a piano teacher is teaching a song — which is also written by Natalia.

You might think that the whole atmosphere of the story is somehow gloomy and tranquil since the phrase “good night” is typically associated with sleeping, darkness, heavenly bodies, and more. But, the content of the book is surprisingly bright and lively. The colors of the illustrations and the font style made increase the total impact of this book.

There is nothing that is undesirably or unappealing about the book. When you examine it objectively, each page has adequate lines, well-blended colors, and superb illustrations that definitely live up to its genre and story. Although the proportions of some drawings might not be that perfect, you should put in mind that it is a children’s story written by a child.  That particular aspect didn’t give a downside to the whole book but instead gave it its color and identity.

So, the question that needs to be answered is: does Natalia Padilla’s Good Night a ReadersMagnet approved? YES! We would absolutely recommend this book to young readers, as well as those bookworms that are young at heart. Have fun and learn new things by reading this masterpiece. Get your copy now!