Have you ever felt the need to share your story with the world to inspire others?  That’s what Margaret Moschak did – she crafted her experiences into a memoir that creates great impact, especially for those who have struggled with alcoholism in their families. 

The book definitely captured the impact alcoholism has, not just on the alcoholic, but also on those around him.  And that is a very important point: she has created a book NOT about the alcoholic (there are many books on that subject), but rather, about the FAMILY of the alcoholic.  While working on her own recovery, she searched desperately for books to help her.  However, she discovered there WERE no books like that, only books about and for the drinker.  It is often the family that suffers as much, if not more than the alcoholic; so, she set out to create a book for them.

What made My Alcoholic, My Love more motivating was the way the author narrated her journey of waking up to the nightmare that most want to ignore.  And this can be a very difficult step; it is much easier to simply deny there is a problem, and just go on with life, and try to keep it all from spinning out of control.

But finally, she realized it wasn’t going to work; if she hung on, he would only drag her down with him.  So instead, she found a way to stand on her own feet, and do one of the hardest things there is: disconnect from her husband, when society says you must stick by him through thick and thin.  She had to learn to stop being an enabler, to save both herself and her kids.