Today, several Christian thought leaders in America are noticing an ever-growing dearth of books that dig deep into the true message of the Gospel, the urgency of getting saved, and the Second Coming of Jesus.

This has prompted devout men like Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets to step up to the plate and remind the world that this is a message that still demands to be heard.

To that end, he has written “on that Day” – A Trilogy, a book that was originally meant to be a trilogy, now packed into one hard-hitting volume. This spiritually insightful book also just happened to win Level 2 at ReadersMagnet’s RMazing Bonanza Season 5!

For Sheets, writing the trilogy was a mission from God to address the stagnating Christian culture in America. One of the things that kicked off this project was a discussion with a retired pastor and their shared frustration with the mainstream Evangelical establishment.

Sheets hopes that his book will challenge this establishment anew, and remind American Christians about certain hard truths he had found in Scripture that the establishment continues to water down. In just the prologue, he offers both a word of welcome and a word of warning about the true dangers that the permissive establishment is letting in and endangering souls.

A Return to the Gospel by Rejecting the Establishment

When Sheets originally planned the book to be a trilogy, the titles of the books were to be The Death of the Promise, The Resurrection of the Promise, and The Land of the Promise.

And in each book, the promise more or less represented one of his biggest grievances against mainline American Christianity: Once saved, always saved.

Sheets now firmly believes that the idea of a “certain and eternal salvation” has led to a “putrid theology” that has now taken over churches and seminaries across the U.S.

He aims to bring back to the public mind the message that mankind had severed its relationship with God since the fall and that it must be restored through faith in Jesus and joyful obedience to the Father.

Backed by numerous references to scripture, Sheets presents the case for dismantling the “Once saved, always saved” theology accepted by mainstream churches. This includes the historical roots of this theology and how it’s just bad news.

Of course, he doesn’t just stop there. He also revives neglected ideas regarding the Second Coming and that people must repent, return to Christ and see the signs of the times.

For him, as well as for like-minded believers and even their pastors, the signs have been clearer than ever. They are pointing to the coming clash between the “gospel of Big Brother” versus the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The great American Experiment has become a prophetic model, where the land of opportunity for eternal life is attacked by those who want to turn it into a land of entitlement.

As proof, Sheets points to the events of the last five years, including the problems of immigration, the COVID-19 pandemic, the defeat of now former President Trump, and many more.

A Rallying Cry Against Instant Gratification

After finishing the trilogy, Sheets is firmly convinced that the moral stagnation in American Christianity today comes from a spirit obsessed with instant gratification. More specifically, it is the “instant gratification of receiving salvation.”

He wants to witness to both a Christian Culture that still insists on such a false message and the many lost souls who also encourage it. “on that Day” – A Trilogy is a new book aimed towards reviving a once suppressed message about the imminent Second of Coming of Jesus. Christians in America are being wholly unprepared for that moment by adopting a cheap theology that opens the door to a godless utopia.

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