Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations by Carol Wilson – Mack features the lives of women in Bamberg, South Carolina, back in the late 1930s to late 1950s. It gives the readers a glimpse of what their lives were like back in the day, clearly showing the gap between generations. The author enlightens the readers on the importance of bridging this gap— through conversations. 

Carol Wilson – Mack truly did a great job when it comes to the structuring of this book. The fact that every chapter is dedicated to one of the girls’ story is the best part. This means, in each chapter, there are a different message and tale that readers can get. Additionally, each chapter is heartwarming and uplifting, which can surely inspire a lot of people. It all began with a simple woman. Anna Kirkland-Wilson is a stately God-fearing and kind woman. She is also one of the book’s notable characters. Anna relished how she and Grandma Carrie, her supporting consultant, could and would get things done as they put it. They would believe that it was always God who pushes them to do good things. Anna’s narrative is something that readers should really look forward to. The book covers a period of approximately forty years. 

There are a lot of compelling reasons to keep a close eye on this book. It contains a remarkable context that you will never find in other books. Before chapters begin, a bible verse, which will surely give readers wisdom. One of the beautiful parts narrated in the story is how they formed the group. Mary Sultry, Sappy Jordan, Magnolia Wilkes, Eleanor Watts, and May Dell Grant are some of the women who took part in the project. They are the ones who touched the lives of many generations. They have created rules that every one of them should abide by. First, they are requested to report every two weeks. One of the very touching rules is that they should always include each other in their prayers, even though they do not see each other.  

A significant highlight of this book is when it discusses the most sensitive topics of before’s society, which is also very relevant to today’s society. The tension among races was thoroughly evident in the era. The situation back then was cited in the book, like how the people did not mix. If ever there are ones who did, they would keep it a secret. How white school children would take buses and black children would just walk for miles to school. And, how the children were greatly bullied for their color. It was evident back then that the children were the ones extremely affected by this state. The world was divided. You can read all these in the first part of chapter 16, called The Reflections of Trudy. 

Carol Wilson – Mack’s  Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations will genuinely motivate the readers to carry on with life despite all the circumstances that come. The beauty of this tale is something that all people should experience. It is unique, meaningful, entertaining, and educational.

Overall, Patchwork is a book that is 100 percent worthy of being recommended. It will teach a lot of people to deal with all the struggles in life. It will impart lessons about the importance of prayers, and the importance of sharing and gaining wisdom from across generations. Anyone of all ages is fit to read this book, from teenagers, middle-aged, to older adults, one can surely get some substantial information and lessons. Once you start reading this, guarantee that you can never put it down.