In 1865, English mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson wrote the novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. From the controversy over whether or not Charles had been on drugs while writing the books, his work undeniably piqued readers’ attention and has left a lasting impact on the literati. There must be something uniquely enchanting about the story of a naive young girl falling into an enchanted world filled with whimsical creatures and characters. 

Cut to the present day, Alice’s Adventures have spawned countless retellings, adaptations, and deconstructions across all types of media. Who can forget the iconic adaptation of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter? Don’t let the mainstream works stop you from exploring what the contemporary world of fiction offers. If you or someone you love craves an extraordinary tale beyond fantasy, Melissa Rea’s Pool of Tears: Nights of Alice Book II will keep you awake. It is the second book in Melissa’s Nights of Alice series, which is inspired no less than the classic work of Lewis Carroll.

There’s more to Melissa Rea’s book than a simple after-effect of inspiration; it is a brilliant book with a compelling plot that seamlessly combines magical realism and erotic romance with satisfying reading pleasure. Pool of Tears is in a whole other world. Though it can be classified as erotica, it’s not hardcore; its story is well-written, colored with deliciously steamy words with the right amount of sexy but far from sleazy. The book proves that Melissa Rea is a captivating storyteller whose works deserve more love.

A Femme Fatale’s Alluring Fantasies

Much like Melissa, the main character in her novel is not an ordinary woman; she is brilliant, mysterious, beautiful, seductive, and highly capable. She is more significant than life, with a personality that attracts vibrancy and beauty. Melissa Rea’s protagonist, Alice Hightower, spends her days facing an everyday dilemma on her plate; the challenges of being the CEO of a medical device company that recently suffered from industrial espionage and the significant losses it caused her. If that’s not enough catch-22 for the lady boss, her lover vanishes, and she loses her position as CEO. Despite all these, a silver lining welcomes her when the sun sets. 

Alice Hightower’s wardrobe magically transports her to exciting adventures with enticing men every night. Alice must confront the consequences of prioritizing real men over her fantasies and address the mess in her personal life. She must overcome severe injuries and emotional pain while creating new initiatives to improve her company’s standing and regain her role as CEO. How long can Alice take herself out of erotic fantasy to face the occasional pain from living? Will Alice’s escapades lead her to find the love she deserves, or will they pull her down a rabbit hole of loss? Melissa Rea’s readers will revel in her notably entertaining, fresh, and imaginative book that will take them into a sensual wonderland.

A Sexy Scene with Class

Pool of Tears: Nights of Alice Book II can be enjoyed leisurely. Melissa writes in a way that is easy to follow and keeps her readers wanting to know what will happen next. She has a way of exciting her plot without waxing too sordid on the explicit parts of the book. The sexual contents of the book do not take center stage. Its readers can still enjoy a romantic and inventive tale of a passionate woman. However, it may be more appropriate for more mature readers due to its sexual content.

Melissa Rea knows how to craft steamy love scenes with a touch of class. She lives in St. Louis, where she has a solo dental practice and lives with her husband and rescue cats. Along with her Nights of Alice series, her books are well-received by critics. Book lovers who have explored the worlds in her written words had a perfect escapist read that often took them out of a reading slump.

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