It could be the perfect moment to pause and instigate changes for anyone struggling or feeling lost. It’s an opportunity to embark on a spiritual journey to reconnect with one’s inner self. In a world filled with confusion and doubt, a spiritual journey will help people discover who they are and how to be at peace with the world around them. People have unique purposes when going through a spiritual journey, but it allows anyone to be at peace with themselves.

For author/Reiki master David Tuttle, the ‘other side’ became a guiding light, illuminating his path and helping him navigate life better. In his book Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales, he shares his unique and compelling spiritual journey, a journey that earned him the prestigious ReadersMagnet’s RMazing Bonanza S7 Level 3 winner. This book is not just another spiritual guide but a collection of David’s personal experiences with spiritual energy, spirit guides, psychics, and angels, making it a must-read for anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment.

An Illuminating Beginning 

Being well-attuned to energy, David noticed that many people he knew lacked hope for life after death. Most focused solely on achieving physical goals without believing in an afterlife. In response, David spent a couple of years writing his book. He later pursued his dream of becoming a published author with the support of his spirit guides.

Soul Licensed chronicles David’s path to becoming a writer. His spiritual search began when he came across the book Life After Life by Dr. Raymond Moody, while his spiritual journey started when he received several messages from psychics who encouraged him to write. The experience led him to create a website in 2012, where he documented his spiritual insights.

An Excellent Guide to Spiritual Awakening

David seeks to empower his readers to live a peaceful life brimming with purpose by embracing the unknown realms of spirituality and exploring each person’s reality. Soul Licensed teaches readers how to be aware of messages sent from their deceased relatives daily and offers information on how to live better by using one’s thoughts and energy properly. 

Through his book, David also shares his wisdom of easy ways to help readers relieve stress and manage their daily lives, knowing that they are not victims of their surroundings but are simply following or not following their spiritual paths. He offers life lessons by showing examples that prove nothing happens by accident and that everyone is connected on earthly journeys.

Among the tips and examples provided by David are energy boosting products, grounding, astrology, the Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping one’s body energy points, and Transcendental Meditation TM, which he describes to help bring out the beautiful eternal spiritual beings that people all are. David explained how these things allow anyone to handle complicated problems more thoughtfully.

Lesson for Every Soul 

Soul Licensed is a transformative journey that invites readers to open their hearts to what truly matters. It offers a fresh perspective on life, resonating deeply with those who are into spirituality, yet its lessons are universal and applicable to every living soul. David’s book is not just a beacon of inspiration but a powerful reminder to be aware of your thoughts and energy, to seize the present moment, and to live life to the fullest. It’s a book that can change your life if you let it.

According to David, thoughts are things we must be alert to and we should always move to better thoughts. “Negative thoughts can cause things you may not want in your life,” he said. He explains that if one worries about the past or the future, one cannot enjoy the present, which is a magnificent gift. The book also delves into the wonders of forgiveness and gratitude, pointing out that every experience one has is a catalyst for every man to help others or themselves. 

Soul Licensed is not a book for the elite few but a guide for all who seek spiritual growth. It encourages readers to apply moderation including on their spiritual journeys. With its 15 short, engaging chapters, the book is a welcoming companion, inviting readers to reflect on their lives in a new light and surrender to the divine plans. 

Discover life’s most important lessons with Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales as you access your inner knowing through messages from the other side. The book is now available on ReadersMagnet Bookstore, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Learn more about David Tuttle and his works by visiting his website: