These days, people still love a good rags-to-riches story, and Irwin Gould has a very well-written one in the form of an autobiography The Book of Irwin Gould (IDG). The book is the Level 2 winner in the RMazing Bonanza Year 2 Level 2. In this review, readers can get a glimpse of what to expect from Gould’s story and the impactful mix of life lessons he has to teach.

First, here’s a quick background. Gould was born on the Caribbean island of St. Croix. As he came of age, turbulent events in his life had him moving to New York City. From there, his disciplined determination and work ethic brought him to a lot of new, exciting opportunities.

Among the greatest of these opportunities were several parts in some of the most explosive Hollywood blockbusters in recent history. These included Bad Boys 2, Transporter 2, and an adaptation of Miami Vice with Jamie Foxx.

How did he do it? What part did he play, exactly? Gould tells how it is in comfortable, well-paced detail.

From a Little Caribbean Isle to the Heart of Hollywood

The first few chapters of The Book of Irwin Gould (IDG) share Gould’s childhood, along with a very frank assessment of it in terms of good and bad. He was the eldest of six children in a household known for both great piety and strict discipline.

Yet, as he entered his late teens, he could no longer tolerate the bad and ran away from home just a few years before he could come of age. He held himself up surprisingly well, finding the freedom from his father’s abuses constantly more preferable despite the heartbreak at home.

One particular episode also details his harrowing experience during Hurricane Hugo, the monster cyclone that ravaged the Caribbean region in 1989. On the one hand, this was the event that brought him back together with his family. But on the other, they lost their home, and the aftermath of the disaster had them migrating to New York City.

In a way, this set the stage for how Gould would see the direction of his life. He fell in love with New York’s city culture, feeling more at home there compared to his Caribbean Christian upbringing.

It was also a time in his life when he got closer to his hard-working grandmother, an experience that would have her leave a very positive impact on him for the rest of his life.

Sadly, he also lost his grandmother quite unexpectedly. Yet even then, her work ethic refined the sense of discipline and dedication that would eventually see him through to several successes in the entertainment industry.

The Hard Work of Being an Extra

Perhaps the most encouraging and empowering thing about Gould’s story is the way he dignifies the work of non-celebrity actors. These include not merely the stuntmen but even the extras (a role that he was frequently cast in).

Despite the way the pop culture public looks down on such roles, the reality is that there are also many perks. Gould was in professional proximity to so many big names, even scoring a friendly picture of him and Will Smith on the set of Bad Boys 2. Unlike many people who just watch flicks in theatres, his time doing the actual work gave him actual jobs that many people in those seats could only dream of.

Today, Gould is still actively working in entertainment while successfully using his professional experience running his own businesses. Writing and publishing his autobiography was just one part of his continuing hard work of putting himself out there and putting his best foot forward, hoping that his grandmother in heaven is looking on proudly.

Recently, Gould has decided to share more about himself and his entertainment industry experience over at his website.

His autobiography is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and ReadersMagnet Bookstore.