Book Review: The Columbian Connection By Greg Van Arsdale

The Columbian Connection is the third installment of Greg Van Arsdale’s Chuck and Lisa Series. A tale about the heroic characters, Chuck Taylor and Lisa Fontaine, who will go to the extreme just to combat terrorism. Having faced off terrorists, like a rogue North Korean military and a group of assassins attempting to kill top executives in the US government in the first and second book, Taylor and Fontaine are once again tossed into a situation where they need to put a stop on an act of terror. 

Chuck Taylor, a six foot four man with short blond tousled hair, might have quit his job as a CIA agent. However, this did not stop him from doing the right thing. Having learned about an illegal act, Taylor took initiative and set out to Columbia to do what must be done. However, things took a turn to something he least expected. He was then again thrown together with Lisa, the love of his life, who left him because of his type of work. The two, along with an ally, raise to eliminate the terrorist attack. Chuck and Lisa will take you on a stimulating action-packed storyline, with romance on the side, that will leave you jumping and kicking with excitement. 

To counter terrorism is the top priority of a CIA agent. He or she will do any means to achieve that goal. The character of Chuck Taylor in the book is the epitome of a CIA agent. The main male character displayed a lot of masculinity and dominance in the storyline. Taylor’s character was well-written that it truly describes how most people identify a Central Intelligence Agent. Lisa Fontaine’s character was portrayed as a strong woman that compliments Chuck Taylor’s character. The story does not really focus on their romance but one will take notice of the development in that department of the story. 

The book was exceptional considering that the dialogue itself can make you exhilarate from all the tension, thrill, and romance. Some might say that the plot sounds cliche, nevertheless, Van Arsdale will prove you wrong. He added some personal touch to the story which you surely won’t find in other books. There was not a lot of twist and turn which was perfect because it prevents the reader from confusion. The story build up was so smooth that you would not expect what will likely come next. 

The Columbian Connection was narrated in a third person’s point of view. This was particularly effective and note-worthy since the reader has the opportunity to grasp on the different characters of the book. This allows the reader to not be restricted with one character’s perspective. Additionally, the narration of the storyline will surely awaken your imagination. The narrative makes use of simple words and sentences which makes it easy for anyone to read. It explicitly described the setting, how actions were taken, and even the emotions the characters are feeling. 

One surprising feature of the book is how there were mentions of real life situations and people such as Trump bombing the ISIS compound and the Syrian terrorist group, ISIS. That touch of the book gave off the real deal about the US government and the terrorist activities. 

It is recommended to read this book after the first two installments of the series, Hijacked on the Alaskan Seas and American Coup. Given that some settings in the book would not make sense if you have not read the first two installments. To round up the review, The Columbian Connection is a book that you should not miss. This book is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good adventure, action, and a tad bit of romance story. Greg Van Arsdale’s The Columbian Connection is truly a great piece of work, from the thrilling beginning to the compelling and romantic ending, that will surely make you crave for more.