What would you do when your life is in danger? Will you cower in fear? Or will you try your hardest to save yourself? It’s hard to know what action you may take when you’re placed in such situation. But reading The Whistle by Paul J. Klobusicky will enlighten you to choose bravery and courage.

The Whistle is a short but good-read written by Paul J. Klobusicky. This is his first novel but the second book he has published in his entire writing career, following Reflective Love. Both of which are available in paperback in Amazon.

The Whistle follows the life of Ally who walked a seemingly simple but turned daunting life. An extremely powerful story of a twenty-something girl, who wants nothing but to reach the professional level of referees (her lifelong aspiration). But success doesn’t come easily for her. This hops from her early days towards the recent years of her life so readers can witness how she cherishes love and struggles to be finally free from a dangerous past.

There’s no doubt: life is hard. It’s already given. But life has its perks. It can also be amazing and wonderful. With the bad comes some form of goodness, even if it doesn’t feel that way at the time. If you’ve ever find yourself crying wondering why life is cruel to you, know that you are not alone. Paul J. Klobusicky narrates such life in this book, all of which are somewhat based on some truths from two women he met on a regular. The Whistle depicts a painful story of human life, exploring topics of domestic abuse, PTSD, military service, life goals, friendship, love, and survival. Paul J. Klobusicky did a fantastic job in sewing a web out of all these topics and formed quite an interestingly relatable story.

While examining the entire book, the story was painstakingly slow to unravel the occurrences, some of which are predictable; however, all of which can still touch the deepest parts of our minds and hearts. The Whistle is a straightforward story with excellent presentation of details for a more enjoyable read. And as you read more through the pages, you’ll find a roller coaster-like story that goes from simple to bad then lastly to good. It is so strong to tell the readers about how life could sometimes look like this.

Another remarkable thing about this book is the use of the third person point-of-view. It gives more flexibility than the other two perspectives. Paul J. Klobusicky successfully used this strategy to provide a broader perspective for readers to see all and be more aware of the thoughts of every character. This allows us to clearly see the bigger picture within the story and receive a great level of depth about the characters. Moreover, it’s hard not to acknowledge that through this magnificent choice of perspective opens up more detailed explanations that resulted in well-laid plot and seamless sown scenes.

All is good in the book except how short it is. This could be the only weakness of The Whistle other than some unnecessary details. The ending was cut short. It would have been great if the author hinted more on what happens to Ally and Ned’s life together after the ordeal. Some would want the narrative to be a bit longer and tie all ends in the ending. But despite that, a message was clearly conveyed to readers. The Whistle carries a message which may vary from reader to reader.

The Whistle is a short but reflective read meant to contemplate on one’s life through the main character Ally. Perfect for people from all walks of life and readers who enjoys reading a more detailed life story from childhood to adulthood narrated in a nonconventional way.

You might ask, why the title is The Whistle and how does it play a part in the story. Well, to answer, Ally is a referee and she carries her whistle as a lucky charm and symbolism of her hopes and goals. The whistle helped save her life from an impending doom. Furthermore, the whistle is somewhat symbolic element in the book. In ball games, the intense blaring of the whistle communicates to everyone to stop. The whistle in the book symbolizes that everything bad happening in her life is finally put to stop.

All in all, The Whistle by Paul J. Klobusicky is ReadersMagnet approved. We recommend this book especially to young adults who are struggling to find their way in life. This is a book that everyone must read at least once in their life. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of The Whistle now!