The American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in Washington DC this June is an affair flooded with opportunities, not only for librarians and authors but for publishing, advertising, and marketing agencies as well. From book display and signing to book discovery and trade, the ALA 2022 unfolds numerous possibilities.

Libraries and librarians exist in the first place because books and books exist because of authors. On the other hand, book authors rely on publishing, advertising, and marketing companies to help them publish and promote their literary works. The ALA opens many doors for new and long-time authors, poets, and other literary professionals. It will also be an event for marketing brands, educators, and book lovers.

Onsite Opportunities

The conference and exhibition offer onsite signage and marketing options your company can maximize. From boosting your brand awareness to generating leads, the event will give you loads of golden opportunities and chances. You can take advantage of cling signs, banners, freestanding promo signs, and more.

Presentation Opportunities

Aside from displaying your books, you can find a few ways of connecting with your readers or book fans at the Walter E. Convention Center. The ALA conference area can organize various presentations, such as Book Buzz Theater, Diversity in Publishing Stage, and Graphic Novel/Gaming Stage. New and emerging authors can also make most of the time through a single-area presentation for specific genres or learning about advanced technologies affecting libraries and book publishing.

Engagement Opportunities

The ALA 2022 is beyond book display and autographing, both online and offline platforms are created to heighten engagement between authors and bibliophiles. For instance, the Diversity in Publishing Title Showcase gives a podium for published books to get noticed by reviewers and attendees on a database. Also, the Now Showing @ALA Film Program presents films, documentaries, and trailers throughout the event.

There are more activities at the conference where you can join to make the most of your time. Listening to powerful speeches during sessions might also put your writing spirit on fire and make you move towards completing your next book.

ReadersMagnet’s booth will also be present at the event to display 133 recognized and award-winning books. We will also be joined by 8 authors for a book signing. Browse The Festival of Storytellers to learn more. We’re happy to see you at the ALA Annual. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via [email protected] if you need further assistance.